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  • 26 days ago
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It's tempting to think that mixed martial arts has reached its final form. Once dominated by specialists of one fighting style or another, the sport has evolved to require at least a basic understanding of several core disciplines. Despite what Royce Gracie thinks, the notion that anyone can succeed at the highest level of MMA with an exclusive expertise in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is eye-rollingly silly. Indeed, this fact applies to any single style of martial arts. It has been the general consensus read news >>

  • a month ago
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Johny Hendricks says he’s conflicted. The UFC welterweight titleholder wants to plan for his future, but – as he’s learned from other titleholders – he knows looking past his next fight could cost him everything. Filed under: News, UFC read news >>

  • 2 years ago
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It's funny the difference a few months and couple armbars can make. It wasn't so long ago that UFC President Dana White routinely shot down the idea of a women's division in the UFC on the grounds that there simply weren't enough good female fighters out there. Now he tells that it's "absolutely going to happen" whether it happens tomorrow or a year from now. read news >>