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Take a look back and the long, winding, and often times controversial history of Frank Mir. Mir takes on Bigfoot Silva this Sunday night, live on Fox Sports 1. This Sunday, February 22, former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir takes on Antonio Silva in the main event of UFC Fight Night Bigfoot vs. Mir. The show airs live on Fox Sports 1 Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. Here, we preview the main event and take a look at the complex history of Frank Mir. When Tim Sylvia smashed UFC Heavyweight champ read news >>

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Even through an orchestra of slot machine jangles and a Taylor Swift mashup blasting from one of the casino bars, Brian Foster's voice is impossible to miss. "It's been too long, man," he shouted with his deep southern drawl that is immediately inviting, but at a volume that made a few groups of bystanders turn their heads in curiosity. "Good thing you can write, because you definitely aren't getting any better-looking." While the contact between us had remained frequent since I met him back in read news >>

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Lyoto Machida has always been a complex puzzle to figure out inside the cage. He's a fighter with an elusive style who has the ability to close distance rapidly and with such force that it has brought an abrupt end to many a fighter's night. Furthermore, with his deep arsenal of kicks, punches and knees, the proverbial kill shot can come from anywhere at any time. Those aspects add up to make The Dragon one of the most dangerous strikers to ever compete inside the Octagon, but even in a game as read news >>

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PFC 7: Rock N Rumble is scheduled to take place on November 21st, 2014 at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO. The event will feature a 13-bout fight read news >>

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Wanderlei Silva's 18-year-career as an MMA fighter saw him spend more than a decade as one of the most popular fights the sport has ever seen. And it may have ended this past week, in disgrace. Few fighters in history will end up having as complex a legacy as Wanderlei Cesar da Silva, who announced his retirement on Friday in a videotaped interview that came across a bitter attack on the UFC and, four days later, may have shut the door on a return. The Nevada Athletic Commission’s indefinite sus read news >>

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The fight game is a complex environment where a multitude of attributes can determine success or failure, and Conor McGregor has proven to be a quick study to the finer points of combat sports. There is no doubt that talent is ultimately what matters when the cage door closes—something the 26-year-old Irishman has in spades—but there are other elements that can elevate a fighter's profile in rapid fashion. Those who grasp the importance of self-promotion seem to have a foot up on their peers, an read news >>

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship has purchased an expansive property in Las Vegas to consolidate its offices and headquarters into one location. read news >>

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Silence fills the line as a question that is equal parts simple and complex stops Cub Swanson dead in his tracks. Though he’s not much of a talker, the Palms Springs, California native has always been... read news >>

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Competing in Brazil as a foreign fighter can be a daunting and complex experience. While establishing supremacy over another well-versed athlete inside the Octagon is a rigorous task in its own right... read news >>

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Roy Nelson is always a pain in the butt when it comes to negotiations, no matter what time you catch him, according to his frequent promotional antagonist, Dana White. read news >>

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First it was an unfortunate situation, then a terrible one. Now it's just plain weird. If you're not confused yet by the whole UFC 151 situation, you probably should be. columnist Ben Fowlkes is, so he tries to make sense of the mess and how a 41-year-old man's injured knee could set off a chain of events that would derail an entire event. read news >>

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. - When it comes to pre-fight mean-mugging, bantamweight Mike Easton is among the pound-for-pound best in the sport. And while "The Hulk" is comfortable chalking up his motivational rage to a clear case of Napoleon complex, the 5-foot-6 scrapper doesn't let it control him at all times. Take for instance, his rivalry with Jared Papazian, which resulted in what what many think should have been UFC on FX 1's "Fight of the Night." Now that it's over, Easton said the respec read news >>

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - Mike Easton isn't quite yet a household name, even in the MMA community. The once-beaten 135-pound powerhouse might be best-known to WEC fans as the training partner and hype man to the promotion's current bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz. But Easton aims to change all that in 2011. He still stands by Cruz's side - and always will - but Easton believes he's destined for the octagon next summer, and he'd like to teach Urijah Faber a lesson in the process. read news >>