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The origins, history and rules from the early days of Pancrase circa 1993. A quick overview for my Pancrase series. Bloody Elbow's own, T.P. Grant, has already wrote some about Pancrase, which you can find in his MMA Origins series I have started my own series watching the beginning of Pancrase intertwining with the beginnings of the UFC. You can see my thoughts and watch all the fights of the first Pancrase event here. Not many know this, but Pancrase had hosted 4 "MMA" events before the UFC ev read news >>

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Robbie Lawler, circa 2001, was a fight promoter's dream. Raw-boned, corn-fed and lily white, the 19-year-old Iowan prodigy appeared to be cut from granite as he laid waste to Saburo Kawakatsu at a long-forgotten extravaganza in Hawaii. The world wasn't watching Shogun Fights, but that wasn't important, at least not for Lawler. One man who mattered was in the front row watching the laser light show and world-class fighters—Dana White, in his first year as UFC president and looking to reinvent the read news >>

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Check out this #ThrowbackThursday video featuring Quinton "Rampage" Jackson during the heyday of the Japanese MMA scene, when he could get away with Inoki slapping his fans. read news >>

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Filmmaker Jonah Tulis didn't mean for "Such Great Heights" to come out four years after the fight the film documents. But with the film today finally enjoying a public release, he's kind of glad it did. "If it had come out right after the fight, I think that it's a little less interesting because you can sort of look back, and it was such an interesting time in the sport, where things were really just exploding," Tulis told read news >>

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