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  • 4 months ago
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New Bloody Elbow contributor James Stapleton examines the bio-mechanics of fighting and how it all comes down to dem hips. The hips are vital in every aspect of fighting, In striking you need to turn your hips to generate power, in wrestling you need to get your hips lower to lift your opponent and on the ground you need to control your opponent's hips to control their body. However, today we aren't going to talk about the area around the pelvis, we're going to talk specifically about the hip jo read news >>

  • 7 months ago
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It feels redundant, if not a bit awkward, to credit a professional fighter for their courage. It's part of the job description, after all. If you stick around the game long enough to become successful, odds dictate that humanity's inherent fear of getting smacked upside the face was never really an issue for you in the first place. But every now and then another of history's occasional outliers comes along, the sort who curls a contemptuous lip at his own self-preservation to such a degree where read news >>

  • 10 months ago
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In the finals of the European Wrestling Championships, Russia's Abdusalam Gadisov hit a fantastic misdirection single leg takedown to solidify his claim on the gold medal. Bloody Elbow wrestling specialist Mike Riordan explains the intricacies of the technique. This past week, the Finnish capital of Helsinki played host to FILA's European Wrestling Championships. The freestyle portion of this tournament provided some notable results. Turkey's Taha Akgul, one of the world's brightest young stars read news >>

  • 2 years ago
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All sports - and currently combat sports - have a learning curve when it comes to transitioning to the heightened scrutiny of random independent drug monitoring (including urine and blood). It may be new to the many fans, athletes and camps of MMA and professional boxing, but Olympic sports, track and field, and international cycling have lived with the potential "knock at the door" for decades. With any learning curve, rough patches will be encountered, and mistakes will be made. But read news >>

  • 6 years ago
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So, let's say you're at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, and for whatever reason, decide not to tap out from a choke hold. Just what kind of damage can occur?

Also, what is about a nice shot to the belly – perhaps the dreaded liver shot – that creates such excruciating pain? read news >>