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VANCOUVER – On Friday, UFC President Dana White spoke with a small group of reporters about a number of key topics involving the sport’s biggest promotion. Watch a video of that chat now. Prior to the chat, White served as a keynote speaker at a Vancouver Board of (...) read news >>

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Don't assume. It makes an ass out of u and me. "Wow, some people don't listen to what I say, they just 'assume.' This is what I meant and you can get that from what I said on Inside MMA. Jon Jones knows exactly what he's doing when he fights, that's why he is such a great fighter. He is calculated and totally aware of what he is doing. I said in interviews over a hundred times, that the key to be a good fighter is to be relaxed, fight the same under pressure as you do in training and you are goo read news >>

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TORONTO – Say what you want about T.J. Grant's decision to pull out of two straight UFC lightweight title fights following a concussion suffered in training. At this point, he's heard it all.  read news >>

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UFC boss Dana White and crew on a trip at his place in Maine. "Do not do what me and my idiots friends do in this video blog" said UFC president. read news >>

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For all the hype that surrounded Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson after his fight at UFC 143, one person that wasn't jumping on the bandwagon was 'Ultimate Fighter' veteran Matt Brown. read news >>

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Most people think it is fearful politicians that are holding up mixed martial arts sanctioning in New York, but UFC president Dana White says it is actually some "union idiots" that have a beef with UFC co-owners the Fertitta brothers. Read More >> read news >>

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Did you find the "Karate Kid" too challenging? too cerebral? too thematically dense? Then "Never Back Down" is the film for you. In the cinematic debutante ball for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the picture is an artistic travesty. I'm not sure why the producers even bothered with a plot. read news >>