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Even with Champions Healthy, 2015 Shapes Up as Make-or-Break Year for UFC

  • 6 months ago
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What time is it? Depends on whom you ask. There are those who will tell you the clock struck midnight on the UFC in 2014, and that the fight company’s bejeweled, Affliction Brand carriage abruptly tu read news >>

Elias Theodorou and the art of self-promotion

  • 7 months ago
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You might have heard about Elias Theodorou. Or maybe not. It all depends, really. If you're Canadian, like he is, the chances are good. After all, he isn't just a UFC fighter who took part in The Ult read news >>

Dana White: 2nd Chance for Chael Sonnen 'Depends on How He Handles It'

  • 10 months ago
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UFC President Dana White set the MMA world on fire when he defended the decision of the UFC and Fox Sports to terminate Chael Sonnen's broadcasting contract, but if he plays his cards right, "The Ame read news >>

T.J. Dillashaw rewrites the universe

  • 11 months ago
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It really depends on how you look at it. Is the nature of how MMA competitions take place a hindrance or boon to the way we understand it? This isn't baseball where 172 games in a regular season glac read news >>

Will Rousey-Cyborg happen? It depends ... (Yahoo Sports)

  • a year ago
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Who's next for Rousey? Who knows. But Cyborg Santos wants everybody to know that she wants to fight the UFC champ. read news >>

Is ring rust real? Depends who you ask, and when

  • a year ago
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I admit I was little worried about Eddie Alvarez. That's because before his fight with Michael Chandler, I asked Alvarez whether he was concerned that ring rust (or, to borrow a term from Mauro read news >>

After NSAC grills Dave Herman, UFC 162 license depends on clean drug test

  • a year ago
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The Nevada State Athletic Commission today granted UFC heavyweight Dave Herman a one-fight license to fight Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 162, but the permission came with strings – and the third degree. read news >>

How much can one person change in a fight gym? Depends on the person

  • a year ago
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You hear it all the time in MMA. Such-and-such team brought so-and-so in as a training partner or a coach, and now everything is better. Not that they ever admitted that anything was bad before. read news >>

Mission Improbable – Stephan Bonnar ‘I’m Gonna Fight as Though My Life Depends on It’ (Video)

  • 2 years ago
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Stephan Bonnar knows that the odds are mightily stacked against him in his UFC 153 bout with Anderson Silva, but that doesn't stop him from believing he's got a "Rocky" performance in him. read news >>