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/Door creaks open Good Eeeeeevening. As we make our way to All Hallow's Night We see a lot of scary sights! And what better way to receive lots of fright than to look at scary guys who fight in fights?!? Great poems signal great times. And the great times are about to rain down from the ceiling here at Bleacher Report MMA. It's Halloween again, and that means it's time for our annual list of the creepiest fighters in the sport today. This might sound weird, but there's a lot of creepy, scary stu read news >>

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There are ridiculous questions, uneducated questions, and naive questions... then there is this one, the most awkward, creepy question ever asked at UFC press conference, about Georges St-Pierre's action figure and umm... how women interact with it. Somehow, GSP navigates it with precision. Read More >> read news >>