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  • 4 years ago
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Here's the thing about Bruce Buffer: Even when he's not working, he's still working. During Wanderlei Silva's entrance at UFC 110, the Buff could be spotted lurking behind Wandy's team, grooving to "Sandstorm" like everybody else in the building and looking forward to the end of the night when he could tear off his suit and transform into Party Buffer. We apologize that we can only present this moment to you in animated gif form, but if you turn up your speakers, click here and stare at this thing until your eyes glaze over, you'll eventually start to feel like Bruce is inside you. Don't fight it. Let it happen. view image >>

  • 5 years ago
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Bruce Buffer Turn when introducing fighters or pandas. view image >>

  • 6 years ago
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Anderson Silva's Bruce Lee impression. view image >>