John (anonymous) 1 year ago
Another tree-hugger.Yes, I was boxing berofe I got into football in 1968 and hockey in 1974, but there isn't fighting in football. I don't hunt, and have rescued animals but don't think Mike Vick belongs in jail. I am good at building campfires out of little starting material but I don't burn houses down. I believe there COULD be life elsewhere in the Universe but doubt very much that they are here and have to conspire to hide themselves while they kidnap humans and perform experiments on them (well, Rosie O'Donnell does make me wonder sometimes).My point is that hockey is a wonderful sport of skill and speed, and it takes a narrow mind to suggest that ANY hockey fan watches the game simply for the few fights that occur. Are you going to stay home because of the possibility of having a bad day? Am I supposed to stop watching hockey because of a few fights that YOU don't approve of? You don't like what you are seeing? Shut the TV off and have a game of catch with your kid instead of letting him be babysat by the TV. Get involved and you won't have to worry about any message being sent. With all this hand wringing and anxiety about what kids are exposed to it is ironic that it happens to come forth in a time when parents are too concerned about their own entertainment and careers to be able to raise the kids they have little time for.Rant over.
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