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Ray (anonymous) 3 years ago
They have gregs name wrong. I knew greg polanco from las cruces and his mma record is now 12 and 2. I wonder where hes at now, he was definitely a tough mma dude. I hope hes still fighting
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Rachel (anonymous) 3 years ago
I think he's living in Dallas but I'm not too sure. I saw him fight in phoenix 5 years ago. He won by KO, and I mean KO!
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Tim (anonymous) 3 years ago
This guy is a punkk. He foght in El Paso against my cusin. He submited my cusin but then wouldnt let go when he tapped. He brok my cusins arm and laffed about it. I hear hes gonna fight soon in burque and I hope i run into him!
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COrina (anonymous) 3 years ago
He doesnt fight anymore. He had a pretty bad eye injury and I dont believe he fights anymore. I remember his first fight in the tough man and also seen him fight at radium springs in a backyard setting. Too bad isnt it.
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Jesse (anonymous) 3 years ago
If anyone has information on this guy please let me know. He used to train at the Red Spider in Las Cruces. He was supposed to fight in Silver City in September. I saw him at the weigh ins and didnt see him the next day at the fights. I heard the doc refused to let him fight. Who knows.
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Jonathan (anonymous) 3 years ago
Keep talking guys. Keep your mouth shut unless you've actually stepped in the cage. I saw this guy fight a couple times so I know he's been there. If you dont have the ?? to step in the cage, then you're better off zipping it!
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LocoOcho (anonymous) 3 years ago
You dont wanna fight this guy. I knew him about 10 yrs ago when he used to fight in what was called pit fighting, no gloves, no rules, brutal. He faught at radium springs a few times. He wasnt all there if you know what I mean!

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Richard (anonymous) 3 years ago
I used to be good friends with GP. You're right, anyone who fights in backyard brawls has got a screw loose, and GP highly qualifies. He's cool and all but was definitely a loose canon, not anymore since he got married and has a few kids. I still wouldnt bleep with him, youd have to be on medication.
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Tommy (anonymous) 3 years ago
I second that! I had a fight with him once at franger park and the dude doesnt stop, for nothing. I seen him fight in high school a few times but never in mma. Crazy nuts!
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Tanker (anonymous) 2 years ago
I saw this idiot get his face kicked in at a cage rage fight in phoenix. His eye socket was kicked in and was bleeding like a stuck pig!
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Jorge (anonymous) 2 years ago
This dude fought in the real NHB. When there were no rules, no cameras, and no fame, just pride. Street fighting with a predetermined place to throw down. Whoever says this dude is a punk are full of crap. I should know, I put the shows together and this dude would show up to rip someone apart and didnt do it to get noticed, just to show off his balls of steel, PERIOD!
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Anonymous (anonymous) 1 year ago
This clown fights illegally! I seen him fight for money for an underground organization. I guess he doesnt mind getting his face kicked in for pennies. He'd jump over a dollar to get a quarter if you know what I mean. I don't think he has half a brain. Anyone who fights in this type of setting is whacked! More power to him I guess huh...
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StepStepUp (anonymous) 1 year ago
Saw this guy fight a couple weeks ago. He was robbed, literally! Was a huge underdog. KO. He aint no joke. Sorry dude, feel for you!
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ccnutmma (anonymous) 7 months ago
You got lucky on your last fight. But who had the last laugh! Only an idiot goes back when they know the bowls empty. This next guy will put an end to your run.
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Spider4465tt (anonymous) 7 months ago
Ill be there in a couple weeks. Just do what you do....
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