• Name: Smackgirl
  • Abbreviation:no entry
  • First Event Date: 5/24/2001
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Name - TitleLocationDate
Smackgirl - World ReMix 2008 Second Round Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan4/25/2008
Smackgirl - World ReMix 2008 Opening Round Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan2/14/2008
Smackgirl - Starting Over Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan12/26/2007
Smackgirl - Queens' Hottest Summer Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan9/6/2007
Smackgirl - Summerfest 2007 Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan7/26/2007
Smackgirl - The Next Cinderella 2007 Second Stage Shinjuku Face, Tokyo, Japan5/19/2007
Smackgirl - The Queen Said the USA is Strongest Shinjuku Face Tokyo, Japan5/19/2007
Smackgirl - The Dance of the Taisho Romance Azalea Taisho Hall Osaka, Japan4/28/2007
Smackgirl - The Next Cinderella Tournament 2007 First Stage Shinjuku Face, Tokyo, Japan3/11/2007
Smackgirl - Will The Queen Paint The Shinjuku Skies Red? Shinjuku Face, Tokyo, Japan3/11/2007
Smackgirl - Legend of Extreme Women Korakuen Hall Tokyo, Japan11/29/2006
Smackgirl - Women's Fighting Road vol. 1 West Chofu Arena, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan10/21/2006
Smackgirl - Women Hold Their Ground Korakuen Hall Tokyo, Japan9/15/2006
Smackgirl - Top Girl Battle Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan6/30/2006
Smackgirl - The Next Cinderella 2006 First Stage Tokyo Kinema Club, Tokyo, Japan5/3/2006
Smackgirl - Queen's Triumphant Return Azalea Taisho Hall, Osaka, Japan4/22/2006
Smackgirl - Advent of Goddess Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan2/15/2006
Smackgirl - Gi-Feminino vs. Smackgirl Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo, Japan2/3/2006
Smackgirl - Lightweight Anniversary Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan11/29/2005
Smackgirl - Shimokita Experiment League Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo, Japan10/15/2005
Smackgirl - Dynamic!! Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan8/17/2005
Smackgirl - The Next Cinderella 2005 Second Stage Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo, Japan7/10/2005
Smackgirl - F13 Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo, Japan7/10/2005
Smackgirl - Road to Dynamic!! Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan6/28/2005
Smackgirl - Korea 2005 Dream Tower, Suwon, Gyeonggi, South Korea5/21/2005
Smackgirl - Cool Fighter's Last Stand Kira Messe Numazu, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan4/30/2005
Smackgirl - The Next Cinderella 2005 First Stage Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo, Japan4/29/2005
Smackgirl - Niigata Revival Festival 2005 Niigata Phase, Niigata, Japan4/10/2005
Smackgirl - F12 SOD Women's MMA Gym, Tokyo, Japan3/21/2005
Smackgirl - Refresh 2005 Kitazawa Town Hall, Tokyo, Japan1/8/2005
Smackgirl - World ReMix 2004 Twin Messe Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan12/19/2004
Smackgirl - F11 Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo, Japan11/28/2004
Smackgirl - Yuuki Kondo Retirement Celebration Korakuen HallTokyo, Japan11/4/2004
Smackgirl - F10 SOD Women's MMA Gym, Tokyo, Japan10/17/2004
Smackgirl - Holy Land Triumphal Return Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan8/5/2004
Smackgirl - Go West Azalea Taisho Hall, Osaka, Japan6/19/2004
Smackgirl - F8 Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo, Japan5/16/2004
Smackgirl - F7 Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo, Japan3/20/2004
Smackgirl - F6 Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo, Japan2/1/2004
Smackgirl - F5 SOD Women's MMA Gym, Tokyo, Japan12/6/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 7 VelfarreTokyo, Japan11/10/2003
Smackgirl - F4 Shinagawa CS, Tokyo, Japan10/12/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 6 VelfarreTokyo, Japan8/6/2003
Smackgirl - F3 Shinagawa CS, Tokyo, Japan7/20/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 5 Velfarre, Tokyo, Japan7/6/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 4 Velfarre, Tokyo, Japan6/4/2003
Smackgirl - F2 Shinagawa Ward Gymnasium Judo Hall, Tokyo, Japan5/11/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 3 VelfarreTokyo, Japan5/7/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 2 VelfarreTokyo, Japan4/2/2003
Smackgirl - Third Season 1 VelfarreTokyo, Japan3/3/2003
Smackgirl - F1 Tokyo Budokan Second Martial Arts Hall, Tokyo, Japan3/1/2003
Smackgirl - Japan Cup 2002 Grand Final Tokyo FM HallTokyo, Japan12/29/2002
Smackgirl - Japan Cup 2002 Episode 2 Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan11/9/2002
Smackgirl - Japan Cup 2002 Opening Round Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan10/5/2002
Smackgirl - Dynamic Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan9/1/2002
Smackgirl - Summer Gate 2002 Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan8/4/2002
Smackgirl - Smack Legend 2002 Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan6/1/2002
Smackgirl - Golden Gate 2002 Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan5/6/2002
Smackgirl - Royal Smack 2002 Differ Arena, Tokyo, Japan4/7/2002
Smackgirl - God Bless You Differ Arena, Tokyo, Japan3/2/2002
Smackgirl - Pioneering Spirit Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan2/3/2002
Smackgirl - Alive! Club Atom, Tokyo, Japan9/27/2001
Smackgirl - Burning Night Club Atom, Tokyo, Japan8/23/2001
Smackgirl - Indeed Club Atom, Tokyo, Japan7/26/2001
Smackgirl - Fighting Chance Club Atom, Tokyo, Japan6/28/2001
Smackgirl - Starting Over Club Atom, Tokyo, Japan5/24/2001

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