• Name: Shido
  • Abbreviation:no entry
  • First Event Date: 11/24/2001
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Name - TitleLocationDate
German Vale Tudo - Open 2010 Wittumhalle, Reutlingen, Germany12/11/2010
Shido - Haun Sakura Dojo, Lossburg, Germany4/26/2009
Shido - This is Shido 5 Fitness Feuerbach, Stuttgart, Germany5/25/2008
Shido - This is Shido 4 Sakura Dojo, Lossburg, Germany3/9/2008
Shido - This is Shido 3 Sakura Dojo, Lossburg, Germany1/27/2008
Shido - MMA Grand Prix 2007 Shi Kon Fight Club, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany5/19/2007
Shido - House Gala Shi Kon Fight Club, Schwenningen, Germany10/14/2006
Shido - Fight Night Germany5/21/2005
Shido - MMA Georgia5/15/2005
Shido - MMA Grand Prix Triple F Gym, Geislingen, Germany8/28/2004
Shido - Fists of Fury 3 Morikehalle, Nurtingen, Germany12/6/2003
Shido - This is Shido Mossingen, Germany5/24/2003
Shido - Fists of Fury 2 Germany4/12/2003
Shido - Mix Fight Gala Lossburg, Germany3/15/2003
Shido - House Gala Backnang, Germany2/11/2003
Shido - Box Gala Schwenningen, Germany12/21/2002
Shido - France vs. Germany Mossingen, Germany12/7/2002
Shido - DM Kick-/Thaiboxen Schwenningen, Germany11/2/2002
Shido - House Gala Lossburg, Germany9/14/2002
Shido - Chinese Boxing Gala Germany9/14/2002
Shido - Mix Fight Gala Mossingen, Germany6/15/2002
Shido - Fists of Fury 1 Steinlachhalle, Mossingen, Germany4/13/2002
Shido - House Gala Mossingen, Germany2/23/2002
Shido - Chinese Boxing Gala Germany2/23/2002
Shido - Mix Fight Gala Mossingen, Germany1/26/2002
Shido - Budo Generation Germany11/24/2001

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