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Date: 4/26/2014 | Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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Drozd (anonymous) 1 year ago
I've read what Mitrione said. I agree, as do Joe Rogan and many others, that it doesn't seem right, although I'd like to keep an open mind to a good counter-argument.
However, Mitrione's argument just assumes the worst about this person, which isn't fair. He also relies on the same kind of misconceptions and arguments that people have about transgendered people in general, which Implies that Mitrione doesn't acknowledge the legitimacy of transgender identities more generally. He also uses terms which are difficult, but not impossible, to interpret as slurs. I admit, I don't fully understand transgendered people, and just because a person is trans-gendered does not automatically make everything they say about their identity and the way people ought to treat them justified. There is still room for legitimate, rational, civilized, and respectful criticism of some of the finer points of transgendered and other non-typical sexual or gender identities. However, I've studied philosophy of science, psychology, and medicine at university, and I have a really intelligent and psychologically healthy trans-gendered friend, and I've realized that our very cultural notions of "male" and "female" are not entirely accurate with the medical reality. Chromosomes aren't the only determinant of gender (and there are more than two different chromosomal combinations). We can't use our culturally defined understanding of physical or psychological gender or sex as a definitive guide for interpreting all cases.
I still think being an mma fighter is a terrible choice for a transgendered person, but if someone could give me a good argument justifying the position that someone doesn't have an unfair advantage, then I would be open to changing my position on this.
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