UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2 live results and play-by-play for FS1 main card

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Keep up with all the action from tonight's UFC Fight Night: Brazil right here on Bloody Elbow. The main event features a light heavyweight rematch between Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua.

The UFC returns to Brazil tonight for UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2 out of the Nelio Dias Gymnasium in Natal, Brazil. In the night's main event, Mauricio Rua will have a chance to avenge the somewhat controversial decision loss from his 2011 fight of the year battle against Dan Henderson. The two light heavyweights first met as UFC 139 headliners where they battled for 25 minutes. Despite many viewers calling the match a draw, the judges scored it for Henderson.

The main card features six fights and will kick off at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT) on Fox Sports 1. The co-main event features a middleweight tilt between TUF Brazil 1 winner Cezar Ferreira and TUF 7 runner-up C.B. Dolloway. This post will follow all the action from the main card.

Rony Jason vs. Steven Siler

Round 1 - Siler with some early kicks. Big right hook staggered Siler, and a left hook dropped him. Siler looked like he was okay, but the ref stopped the fight nonetheless. Big win for Jason.

Rony Jason defeats Steven Siler by TKO (strikes), 1:17 of round 1

Michel Prazeres vs. Mairbek Taisumov

Round 1 - Taisumov finally threw a kick after 35 seconds of starting at each other. Big right hook from Prazeres, then a left hook. Prazeres with a body lock takedown and moved to mount quickly. Prazeres spun aroun dand looked for a north-south choke, but Taisumov escaped to his feet. Taisumov clearly grabbed the cage to keep from getting taken down again, but Prazeres got it anyway and moved to mount again. Taisumov bucked out and got it  back to full guard, but he ate a bunch of punches. Back to mount, but Taisumov escaped. He finally got to his feet, and Yamasaki decided to deduct a point for an illegal upkick earlier. 10-8 Prazeres.

Round 2 - Taisumov landed a kick but ate a counter straight right that dropped him. He got up and ended up on top, but almost got triangled. Finally the ref let Prazeres up because Taisumov wasn't interested in entering Prazere's guard. Taisumov  grabbed the cage again and lost another point. Prazeres scored with a head kick and two rights. Big front kick to the face scored for Taisumov. Another head kick from Prazeres. 10-8 Prazeres.

Round 3 - Leg kick from Prazeres. Solid straight right from Prazeres. Taisumov stuffed a takedown. Prazeres worked again for a takedown but couldn't get it because Taisumov grabbed the fence again. He didn't take another point, but said it'd be a DQ next time. Nice uppercut from Taisumov. Front kick from Taisumov, combos from Prazeres. Taisumov almost grabbed the cage again before he was taken down. Taisumov escaped to his feet with a minute to go. Right hook from Prazeres. 10-9 Prazeres, and 30-25 overall. Odd fight.

Michael Prazeres defeats Mairbek Taisumov by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)

Fabio Maldonado vs. Gian Villante

Round 1 - Kick from Villante to start. Takedown from Villante. Villante took his back and landed a few knees to the thigh. Maldonado got to his feet but was dragged back down. Villante moved to side control. Villante not throwing many strikes, just controlling position. That was the whole round. Yeah. 10-9 Villante.

Round 2 -Villante with a left hook. Maldonado with a few hard jabs. Villante with a football tackle that got Maldonado to his knees. A couple of back elbows landed for Maldonado, but a couple of big knees busted Maldonado's forehead open. Maldonado started to work the body. Hard right hook from Maldonado. Villante responds with his own right hook. Jabs and combos from Maldonado. Maldonado stuffed a takedown attempt. More body shots from the Brazilian. Big shots from Maldonado. Villante looked gassed as he waited for the horn. 10-9 Maldonado.

Round 3 - Villante dove for an early takedown but couldn't get it. Maldonado with a few jabs and a right hook. Another ugly takedown attempt from Villante. More jabs. Villante can't even keep his hands up. Three body shots from Maldonado, and a few more for good measure. Big right from Villante, which just made Maldonado ask for more. Huge left hook from Maldonado. Villante tried to clinch up but couldn't get a takedown once again. Five straight punches landed for Maldonado, including a huge uppercut. Villante was totally gassed but kept taking punches without going down. Huge left hook, and two more have Villante out on his feet. He was staggering around but managed to make it to the horn. Crazy. 10-9 Maldonado, and 29-28 overall.

Fabio Maldonado defeated Gian Villante by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Leonardo Santos vs. Norman Parke

Round 1 - Leg kick from Santos. Bofy kick from Parke. Uppercut from Santos. Eyepoke from Santos. Only a brief stoppage. Body kick and a counter uppercut from Santos. They clinched up for a while. Santos was really working body and leg kicks, while Parke was trying to land counters. Parke clinched up again, and the ref separated them as soon as the crowd booed. Hard high kick from Parke. Parke couldn't get a takedown before the horn. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2 - They brawled a bit on the inside to start. Parke clinched up and the red separated them as soon as the crowd told him to again. Parke stuffed a Santos takedown attempt. And now the ref took a point from Parke for grabbing shorts, with no warnings. Ridiculous. They clinched up again but separated  before the dumb ref could do it for them. Parke landed a nice two-punch combo. Parke looked for a late takedown but couldn't get it. 9-9.

Round 3 - More clinch battling early in the third. Parke landed a few short punches to stay busy. Uppercuts from Parke in the clinch. And of course, the ref separated them. Parke just went right back to it though. And the ref separated them again. They brawled a bit in the center but Parke was the one landing more. Parke grinded away looking for a takedown but couldn't get it. 10-9 Parke, and 28-28 overall. Parke should have won the bout though.

The bout between Leo Santos and Norman Parke went to a majority draw (29-27 Santos, 28-28, 28-28)

Cezar Ferreira vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round 1 - Straight left from Mutante, and a kick. A straight right from Dollaway backed Ferreira up. They brawled for a bit and Dollaway dropped Ferreira with a big shot. He jumped on him and pounded him out. Just like that. The TUF Brazil killer.

C.B. Dollaway defeats Cezar Ferreira by TKO (strikes), 39 seconds of round 1

Mauricio Rua vs. Dan Henderson

Round 1 - Leg kick from Shogun. Tentative start from both men. Another couple of leg kicks from Shogun. Hendo misses with a right. Big leg kick from Hendo. Shogun with a few kicks to the body. Short scramble ends in a stalemate. They clinched up against the cage briefly and Shogun landed a knee to the belly. More leg kicks from Shogun. Left hook from Henderson drops Shogun. Shogun got up and dropped Henderson! Shogun pounded away against the cage and then in guard, but Hendo survived. 10-9 Shogun.

Round 2 - Jab from Shogun, and a right hook. Leg kick from Shogun. Big shot behind the ear from Shogun. Hendo with some knees in the clinch. Both men land, Shogun finishes with a kick to the body. Henderson missed badly with a takedown attempt. Huge uppercut drops Hendo! Shogun jumped into his guard but Hendo locked him down with no more damage. They stayed there for a while, until referee Herb Dean stood them up with 40 seconds to go. Shogun with some jabs and a body kick. 10-9 Shogun.

Round 3 - Hendo missed with the H-Bomb. Hendo charged in an connected with a right. Shogun with a few jabs. Then a monster right hook sent Shogun flying! What a huge shot! He jumped him and landed another huge shot on the ground. A few hammerfists were borderline to the back of the head, but he landed a few to the side of the head and it was enough for Dean to stop the fight. WOW. Shogun's nose is sideways!

Dan Henderson defeats Shogun Rua by TKO (strikes), 1:31 of round 3

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