Refusing to make excuses for Glover Teixeira, famed trainer John Hackleman confirmed what many suspected to be a badly injured shoulder for the Brazilian following his title challenge with Jon Jones at UFC 172.

"I've never seen Glover lose a fight like this," said Hackleman. "I've never seen Glover bleeding. I've never seen Glover hurt so bad. Glover hurt his right shoulder really bad the first round. The first round! That's not an excuse, because Jon Jones hurt his shoulder."

"Jon Jones hurt Glover's shoulder in the tie up on the clinch against the cage, tweaked his shoulder and he hurt it. So Glover couldn't use his right hand very well. You see me in the corner trying to get him to throw that right hand harder. He told me, 'Hey, can you get some ice on it?'"

Jones remarked on the elbow crank during the post-fight press conference.

"That's a move I've been doing since I was a little boy in wrestling," said Jones. "It was something you could never do to your wrestling partners and it's dirty in wrestling. But it's always there when someone has the underhook and you have an overhook and you can just crank their arm.

"I felt his elbow pop two times. Consecutive 'pop pop.' I was just like, 'Aw, nice.'"

Hackleman says Teixeira never mentioned the injury between rounds, but that the injury was fairly apparent.

"Sometimes he has shoulder problems, but it's just from training them too much. [During the fight] he never said he had an actual torn ligament or torn tendon so we found that out after. It was obvious. It was actually disfigured and swollen. You could tell something was seriously wrong with it. He's going to have an MRI Wednesday."

As far as other injures, Hackleman says Teixeira believed he had also broken a rib in the bout but that fortunately it wasn't the case. Teixeira did, however, suffer a broken nose and deep laceration above the right eyebrow, courtesy of Jones' elbow strikes.



Bones in Sweden? Dana White says the rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson could take place in a European stadium. 'If we do it in Europe, this thing could do fifty, sixty-thousand seats or more.'

Aftermath. Dave Doyle recaps all things UFC 172.

Dana on Jones. Dana White calls Jones' victory over Glover Teixeira the best of his career. 'Not only did he not do that, he stood in the pocket and traded with him, he dropped big elbows on him, and he put on an unbelievable performance tonight.'

Keeping the seat warm. Vitor Belfort says he'd now like to replace Lyoto Machida and fight Chris Weidman at UFC 175. 'Give me what is mine.'

Next for Nate. Dana White says Nate Diaz has let Joe Silva know he's interested in taking a fight.



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Jon Jones' post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.


Dana White post-fight with Ariel Helwani.


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Andrei Arlovski on being back in the UFC.


Brendan Schaub talks matchup with Andrei Arlovski.


Together they almost add up to one fight. Melvin Manhoef vs. Evangelista Cyborg II (lasted 46 secs) and some guy tapping in one second.


Long watches.



As always, make sure to check out our Pros React piece from UFC 172.


Victory lap.


Better luck next time.


DC would wait for his shot at Jones.


Not exactly a rebound fight.


The sea was angry that day, my friends.

(I can't embed bc of a weird character but click here)


Sounds good.


After being left off that graphic from the 172 broadcast.


Hang in there, Pat.



Announced this weekend (Apr. 25-27 2014)

Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub at UFC 174

Ian McCall vs. Brad Pickett at UFC Fight Night: Dublin

Hatsu Hioki vs. Charles Oliveira at UFC Fight Night: Te-Huna vs. Marquardt



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Da Headbanger.

What We NOW Know About UFC 172

Another UFC PPV come and gone and again a fair amount of surprises litter the card. The biggest question mark on the card however was whether or not Glover Teixeira would be able to overcome the most dominant champion in the world in Jon Jones and the answer was an unsurprising no. Teixeira had a few moments in the fight where he was able to get within range of Jones as the aggressor and though he landed a few shots, none of them were hard enough to change the outcome of the match. In fact, in typical Jones style, Jones often allowed Teixeira within his range to prove that he could beat Teixeira without having to keep him at a distance. To sum it up, it was another dominant Jones performance that was only lacking a finish. Not that the champ didn't try.

The rest of the card featured the emergence of a new contender at a light heavyweight division that is badly in need of fresh blood as Anthony "Rumble" Johnson made a loud statement to his legitimacy by dominating a tough test in Phil Davis. Davis is one of the best wrestlers in the division and he was unable to to get the former welterweight to the ground. Johnson walked through all of the meager strike attempts that Davis threw at him and landed a number of hard shots of his own. Though Davis falls a bit in the ranks, Johnson picks up right where Davis left off in chasing the title.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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