How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Memes from Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier's Brawl, Selfies

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"You didn’t really wanna grapple that loser anyway, did you ? I’d be gracious enough to give you a rematch… "  -Jason High, who interestingly enough first made a name for himself by beating Andre Galvao and stopping the BJJ world champ's hype train in MMA.

"Is there a more obnoxious piece of equipment than a leaf blower? The most annoying, wasteful and pointless tool in the world."  -Dan Hardy

"BTW, I'm following in Duane's footsteps re:coaching. So if any team out there needs a dedicated MMA coach, I'm your man @DUANEBANGCOM"  -Mac Danzig

"For the record, my health is fine. I have two heartbeats. I am as I should be. It's how we evolve. The anomaly becomes the norm. "  -Dan Hardy

"I think with Lawler's win bonus he should finally get that back tattoo finished."  -Dan Hardy



"A face off is not a chance to get in someone's face & start making contact w/em. If you get shoved you deserved it"  -Josh Barnett

"@JonnyBones @dc_mma. "F$#% THE STAGE DO IT IN THE CAGE" like my main man @BurtWatson4real says! "  -Julianna Pena

"Whatever happened to the professionalism in professional athletes??"  -Rich Franklin

"@dc_mma @JonnyBones Chances are you 2 will not read this but what you've done is bad for the sport. I would stop talking about it."  -Matt Hughes

"Everybody is talking about the brawl, but it's sad. It's things like that fans enjoy but mainstream major sponsors question mma still. No wonder Nike, Gatorade, etc don't want to sponsor the sport!"  -Anthony Johnson

"….in DCs defense who hasn’t wanted to mush Jon Jones. Gotta be irresistible if your that close"  -Jason High



"Note to self. When having the #1 and #2 light heavyweights in the world face-off don't put 145 pound public relations employee between them."  -Tim Kennedy

" I weigh 160, but my brown shirt makes me look slim."  -Dave Sholler

"Wasn't me."  -Jon Anik

"Guys, honestly I couldn't sleep last night. All I can think about is shouldn't be on not top 10""  -Daniel Cormier

"@JRsBBQ calls @Sholler_UFC breaking up @JonnyBones and @DC_MMA " -Damon Martin



"I enjoy fighting." -Conor McGregor







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