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Round 1

Photo: Keith Mills/

Lemke stopped Erickson in round one.

Referee John English starts the action. Erickson sticks his man with a leg kick and a jab but slips during a head kick attempt. Lemke is the man moving forward, but he is eating shots until he connects with a solid one-two that snaps Erickson’s head back. Erickson presses his foe against the cage and lands with a nice flurry, but Lemke is unfazed and presses forward, landing with a pair of hard right hands. Lemke lands with a violent knee and a hard right hand to the mouth that staggers the 25-year-old, sealing the deal with a straight left that puts his man on the mat and signals English to stop the bout.

Officially, the end comes 2:50 into the first round, giving Lemke a technical knockout victory.

Round 1
Referee Kevin McDonald kicks off the contest. Murdock takes the center of the cage and connects with a nice knee before putting Raio on his back and unloading with ground-and-pound that is mostly blocked. Murdock charges ahead with punches and then catches his foe with a beautiful knee as Raio shot for a double-leg. The man from Michigan unloads with punches and elbows from the knee-on-belly position and transitions to side control, where he drops more punches before returning to his feet. McDonald tells Raio to stand, and the crowd favorite bulls forward with a hard combination before eating a counter right hand in retaliation. Murdock has slowed down considerably in the round’s final minute, but he is still picking his shots from the outside as the first frame expires.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-8 Murdock
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-8 Murdock
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-8 Murdock

Round 2

Photo: K. Mills/

Murdock cracked Raio.

Raio lunges forward to begin the second round but can’t find a home for his one-two. Murdock counters with a body kick, but “First Class” is much more aggressive so far and catches his faster opponent with a big right hook at the end of the flurry. Raio retaliates with a knee and a hard right of his own. The pace has slowed midway through round two, but Murdock quickly mixes up his attack with a double-leg takedown. After cracking Raio several times from top position, Murdock stands, giving McDonald a moment to have the cage-side doctor examine a cut on Raio’s forehead.

The man from Maine is OK, and the action is soon restarted. Murdock catches a kick and dumps his foe to his back, landing in half-guard for just a few seconds before McDonald stands them up to finish the round.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Murdock
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Murdock
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Murdock

Round 3
Raio’s right eye is badly swollen to start the third round. Murdock continues to strike from the outside, landing a fast knee to Raio’s dome and charging forward with more punches. Raio has no answer for Murdock’s speed, which he uses to land a spinning back kick before scoring with another takedown. After sitting in half guard for some time, Murdock cracks his man with a nasty elbow and pounds him out with a series of hard right hands, forcing McDonald to wave off the contest 4:01 into the final round.

Round 1

Photo: K. Mills/

Pacheco quickly tapped out Pierry.

Referee John English starts the middleweights, and Pacheco moves forward with a solid one-two and forces Pierre to the mat. “The Juggernaut” easily passes to side control and snatches a keylock, forcing Pierre to tap out in just 1:54. Round 1
Referee Dan Miragliotta starts the light heavyweights, and Mucitelli rips his man with a body kick and a knee to the ribs before Dillingham bulls him up against the cage. “Crazy” squirms away from a body lock attempt and grabs a rear waist lock, dripping the pro debutant to the mat and then mounting him. Dillingham is in serious trouble here, but he won’t give up, even as the New Yorker rains down violent punches and elbows on his face. Mucitelli gives up mount in favor of an armbar attempt, which he manages to secure by going belly-down, forcing Dillingham to tap out at 2:48 of round one. Round 1
Referee Kevin McDonald will oversee the forthcoming middleweight action. Hermansson scores with a body lock takedown to start the bout. Butcher places him in guard and frames up what appears to be a tight triangle choke, though the Norwegian is able to withstand the pressure for quite a long time, even forcing Butcher to briefly switch to an armbar attempt before locking up the triangle once again. This time, the 28-year-old finds his squeeze, pulling Hermansson’s arm across his face and eliciting a tap 2:24 into the opening stanza.

Photo: K. Mills/

Page demolished Sanders with one blow.

Round 1
Referee John English kicks off the welterweight showdown, and the fighters touch gloves to start the fight. Page immediately hops on his bicycle, avoiding his aggressive opponent. “Venom” circles off the cage and crushes Sanders with a straight right hand that causes the man from Maine to crumple to the canvas and assume the fetal position. English waves the bout off just 10 seconds into round one as Page looms over his fallen foe. Round 1
The middleweights touch gloves after referee Dan Miragliotta starts the contest. Vitkay charges forward with a body kick and then lands a nasty knee to the head that floors Peterson. Though the 31-year-old bounces back to his feet, “The A-Town Ogre” charges forward and lands another lunging knee before pulling guard and putting Peterson to sleep with an arm-in guillotine just 18 seconds into the bout. Round 1

Photo: K. Mills/

Davis vs. Spiritwolf ended prematurely.

Referee Kevin MacDonald starts the welterweight contest, and Davis whiffs on a body kick after taking the center of the cage. Both men gauge distance for the first minute, but neither lands anything of consequence as the pro-Davis crowd chants “Marcus.” Davis is still the aggressor, though Spiritwolf bulls forward with a double-leg attempt that is stuffed by the 39-year-old. Davis lands another body kick and counters a Spiritwolf low kick with a straight left. “The Irish Hand Grenade” attacks but gets clipped by a left hook that makes him dive for Spiritwolf’s legs.

As both men regain their base, Davis launches a solid knee directly to Spiritwolf’s groin. The Strikeforce vet writhes in pain while the Lewiston, Maine, crowd chants “bulls---” for one reason or another. Spiritwolf takes his full five minutes, and MacDonald asks him several times if he can continue, but the Californian cannot stand. MacDonald waves the fight off, ruling the bout a no-contest.

Round 1

Photo: K. Mills/

Martinez teed off on Wiuff.

Referee Dan Miragliotta kicks off this heavyweight confrontation. The men touch gloves and gauge distance until Martinez suddenly explodes with a three-punch combination that puts Wiuff on ice skates, finishing his flurry with a left that floors the 85-fight pro. The result is academic at this point, as the ProElite vet pounds away at a defenseless Wiuff against the cage until Miragliotta halts the onslaught just 18 seconds into round one. Round 1
Referee Kevin MacDonald stands in charge of this Season 7 lightweight tournament final. The men touch gloves, and Jansen connects with a pair of low kicks. Held pursues with a nice right hand and cracks the American with a hard pair of uppercuts as Jansen tries to lock up a Thai plum. Held pins his man against the cage, but Jansen swings him around before the young Pole separates. Midway through the frame, both men are swinging hard in the center of the cage, but Held appears to be getting the better of the exchanges. Held lands another right straight and then an uppercut before securing the clinch. Jansen rips a hard kick and then a knee to the body, and Held takes a big breath before firing off a sharp one-two. The men jockey for position against the cage, and Jansen shucks off a double-leg attempt before breaking to end the frame.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Held
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Held
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Held

Round 2

Photo: K. Mills/

Jansen outpointed held to clinch a title shot.

The lightweights again touch gloves to begin round two, and Held quickly hits a double-leg takedown and effortlessly passes the American’s guard. Jansen recovers, however, and uses a guillotine to sweep the Pole. Held immediately rolls for a heel hook, however, transitioning to a toe hold and Jansen rolls with him while pounding away with ground-and-pound. Jansen then slips his leg out of the hold and mounts the 21-year-old. Held bucks and recovers half-guard before swiveling for another leg lock attempt.

Jansen again defends well and pounds on his opponent, now mashing with elbows from half-guard. Jansen is forced to defend yet another attempt at a kneebar and then a heel hook, but he escapes easily this time, dropping bombs to the body and head of the Polish Prodigy.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Jansen
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Jansen
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Jansen

Round 3
Jansen launches a low kick to begin round three, and Held looks to be fatigued now. Jansen lands a left hook and a right uppercut before chopping away with another low kick. Another straight right and a low kick land for Jansen, and the 33-year-old connects with two more sharp uppercuts. Held fires back with a right hand and scores with a double-leg. Jansen hits a switch, however, and regains his vertical base. Held tries another takedown, but Jansen stuffs it and lands on top in half-guard, where he pounds away with punches and elbows. Held uses an omoplata to set up a toe hold in a beautiful exchange before transitioning to an inverted heel hook attempt. Jansen manages to squirm out of each of the attempts and makes the Pole pay with more punches and elbows. Held fires a pair of hammerfists from the bottom and throws up his legs for another omoplata as the bout comes to a close.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Jansen (29-28 Jansen)
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Jansen (29-28 Jansen)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Jansen (29-28 Jansen)

Official Scores: 29-28 Jansen across the board. Jansen takes the unanimous decision.

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