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Round 1
The two clinch quickly and though Martinez finds himself on top, he can't hold Albright down. The pair trade shots to the body in the clinch before Albright drops his level, throwing Martinez to the floor momentarily. Martinez quickly regains his feet, and the fight resumes in the clinch. It's Albright now with double underhooks, dragging his foe around, belting him to the guts with punches and knees. Albright with a salvo of knees along the fence to the head, forcing Martinez to break away. Albright gets right in on a single-leg, however, sucking his foe to the mat and setting up in side control. He bangs away on top, sitting in scarf control dropping rights until the bell rings to end the first.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Albright
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Albright
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Albright

Round 2

Keith Mills

Martinez topped Albright in a
fun grappling match.

Albright's hands are lower than round one, and his first shot attempt is stuffed. He goes back to the well immediately after and Martinez locks up a standing guillotine, cupping his hands on the chin and driving his foe back into the fence. He releases the choke and knees away. When Albright breaks free, he eats a torrent of punches from Martinez. Martinez gets in a low-single, but Albright hooks his arm and looks for an armbar for a moment before opting to just sprawl out. Martinez gets to his feet and Albright is in on another takedown, and Martinez jumps guard on another guillotine. Albright escapes, initiating a scramble, then takes Martinez right back down. The tired Martinez turns his back, letting Albright sink his hooks and take the back with two minutes to go. Martinez turns into his foe to escape and Albright bails, sitting off to the side, going for a bulldog choke.

Martinez gets free and as Albright looks for his leg, locks up a tight guillotine. He turns Albright over, takes position on the side and tightens the choke while cranking the neck. The fun submission finish for Brett Martinez comes at 3:28 of the second round.

Round 1
Bastress quickly clinches looking for a takedown. Sepulveda sprawls, but Bastress rolls forward into guard, sucking the bout to the mat. From bottom, the former D3 national wrestling champion swings for a kneebar, but Sepulveda shuts the attempt down. Bastress keeps attacking at Sepulveda's legs, eventually shucking by his arm, whipping him to the mat and landing in top position along the fence. Bastress gets to half guard and looks for a front headlock. “The Storm” passes to mount easily, but Sepulveda bucks, rolls and escapes. Bastress shoots in, Sepulveda tries to isolate his arm for a kimura, but Bastress explodes out with a parting shot for good measure. They reset on the feet, and two left roundhouse kicks to the head crack Bastress. Head kick-left cross from Sepulveda follows, prompting a Bastress shot, which Sepulveda stuffs. Sepulveda is cut just under the right eye, and it is leaking onto his foe's back as he sprawls out on top. He tries to lock up a kimura and step over Bastress from the top to take the back, but Bastress sucks his legs out and gets into side control. Knees to the body land for the Dover, Pa., native until the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Bastress
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Bastress
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Bastress

Round 2
Bastress feints and walks forward with a massive overhand right. When Sepulveda kicks in response, he grabs the leg and slams him to the mat again. Bastress sets up in guard until the upkicking Sepulveda forces him to reconsider. Upon restanding, Bastress drives right back in for a takedown, clinching along the cage. Referee Mario Yamasaki warns Bastress for linking his fingers into the cage links before separating the two. Bastress follows with a hard right hook, then takes Sepulveda right back down. Sepulveda keys in on another kimura from the bottom, but is getting nowhere. Bastress tries to step over from the top and roll into an armbar, but opts instead of reaffirm position on top. “The Storm” sets up in the closed guard of Sepulveda and chips away with punches, but Mario Yamasaki stands them up after just 15 seconds. They stand up, but the bell cuts them off.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Bastress
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Bastress
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Bastress

Round 3

K. Mills

Bastress threw Sepulveda around.

Bastress steps in on a jab, and the left inside low kick from Sepulveda strikes him low. Bastress takes a moment to compose himself, and on the restart, lands a jab-spinning back fist. Sepulveda kicks in response, sending Bastress shooting into a power double that plants “Smash” on the floor again. Sepulveda rolls forward as Bastress goes for mount, finding himself in a guillotine. Bastress pulls guard, but has one butterfly hook and Sepulveda clears it, escaping the choke. Bastress re-shoots, and is stuffed. He tries to pop up and just narrowly blocks a head kick from Sepulveda. He reshoots, shucking his foe by and showing more wrestling dominance. Bastress lands a hard right elbow from full guard. Referee Mario Yamasaki again the stands the fighters up on a whim.

Bastress shoots in on a low single, and Sepulveda squats on him, hammerfisting the side of the head. Yamasaki warns Sepulveda for hitting the back of the head even though the blows are clearly legal. Just before the horn, Bastress rolls through and completes a single, ending up on top at the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Bastress (30-27 Bastress)
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Bastress (30-27 Bastress)
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Bastress (30-27 Bastress)

Official result: Judge Greg Monskie has it 29-28 Bastress while Brent Colflesh has a hard-to-reckon 29-28 Sepulveda. Deciding judge Kings Kao has it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Duane Bastress.

Round 1
Bannon fights off an early takedown from Alexandre and shoots for a takedown of his own. Alexandre easily avoids the attempt and the two fighters meet again in the canter of the cage. Alexandre goes for a quick single but is reversed by Bannon who works for a single-leg of his own. The fighters reach a stalemate against the cage. Bannon then wraps the other leg for a double-leg takedown but is again stymied. Alexnadre shoves his opponents head down and then reaches for a kimura which awkwardly ties up Bannon's left arm for a minute. Finally Bannon drags his foe to the ground but Alexandre is again up to his feet. He wriggles free and Bannon ends up on his back. A few kicks are thrown before referee Keith Peterson moves both fighters to their feet. Bannon drives for another single leg against the cage and Alexandre beats on his head with hammerfists in response. He pulls away from Bannon and lands a quick right hand to the face of his grounded opponent.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Alexandre
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Alexandre
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Bannon

Round 2

K. Mills

Alexandre busted Bannon's eye.

Alexandre begins stalking his opponent and throws a left side kick. Bannon dives for a single and Alexandre attempts a rather non threatening Anaconda choke. Bannon finally drags him to the ground and immediately passes from side control, into mount and is swiftly bucked by Alexandre. The fighters stand up and once again the hometown favorite Bannon drives for a single leg takedown. Alexandre pushes him away and then attacks with a push kick followed by a right straight. Their knees meet in dual kick attempts and Bannon flops to his back. Peterson is having none of it and stands them up. Alexandre is heating up as he stalks his opponent throwing leg kicks. Bannon responds with a takedown but is easily thwarted. Bannon catches a kick and his foe falls to the ground. He immediately returns to his feet and lands a knee on Bannon's chest.

Bannon flops to his back and Alexandre walks away. He dives for another takedown against the cage and Alexandre shoves him to the ground. The round ends in a stalemate.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Alexandre
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Alexandre
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Alexandre

Between rounds, referee Keith Peterson waves the bout off on the advice of the ringside physician. Cosmo Alexandre is the winner via doctor stoppage at the conclusion of the second round.

Bellator Season 7 Lightweight Tournament Reserve Bout
E.J. Brooks vs. Darrell Horcher

Round 1

K. Mills

Horcher blew away Brooks.

Both men come out feinting. Brooks pumps his jab, but to no avail. Brooks lets loose a lazy right hand and Horcher is all over him with a massive left hook counter. Brooks is stunned and as he falls, he is crushed with a powerful uppercut from Horcher. Horcher races over his supine opponent, but shows self control in not throwing a massive coffin nail down on his unconscious foe. Referee Mario Yamasaki steps in at just the 21-second mark. Brooks stays down while the official decision is read, and is eventually taken from the cage on a stretcher. Sensational knockout for Darrell Horcher. Round 1
Polley comes out guns blazing throwing left right comibinations and dropping his head. Marrero follows up with a combination of his own that backs his foe against the fence. Polley throws a big left hook that grazes the side of Marrero's face. A quick jab backs up Marrero. He fires back with a left hook that lands flush to the face. Polley throws a right leg kick that doesn't even faze his opponent. Polley responds with a flurry but is pushed away by Marrero. Marrero throws a hard right straight but Polley ducks out of the way to avoid it. Polley slips and Marrero jumps on his back. Polley using his strength to regain his feet and Marrero transitions to a double leg before bailing altogether. Polley counters a left hand with one of his own. Polley ducks a wild right hand and drives for a takedown. Marrero momentarily tries a guillotine but bails before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Marrero
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Marrero
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Marrero

Round 2
The two fighters are breathing out of their mouths to start the second round. Marrero snaps Polley's head back with one-two combo. Polley throws a left hand to the body. Marrero responds with a weak leg kick. A stiff jab backs up Polley. Marrero rushes in but Polley peppers him with punches to the head. Marrero throws a right straight that backs up Polley and Polley bullrushes him. He is easily shucked and the two again throw leather. Polley again punishes the body with no response. Marrero rushes with a combination but no punches land. He throws a head kick which is ducked but follows with a jab that lands to Polley's face. Polley lands an uppercut followed by a right straight. Again, Polley goes to the body. Polley is stalking Marrero with single punches to the face and body. Another body shot and Marrero takes a big breath in response. Marrero throws a push kick and the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Marrero
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Marrero
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Polley

Round 3

K. Mills

Polley eked past Marrero.

Marrero slaps Polley and Polley follows up with a left hook. Polley is looking strong to the body and follows up with two punches to the head of his foe. Polley catches a leg kick and bullrushes with a right hand to the face. Polley is quicker to the punch this round and lands two quick jabs. The fans are calling for a takedown from Marrero as Polley bullrushes again with a combination that lands to the head. Polley throws a left right combo that snaps the head of his foe. Polley slips and Marrero refuses to follow. They meet in the center of the cage and Marrero lands a snappy jab. The pace slows as both fighters are visibly tired. Polley counters a jab with a left hand that lands flush. Polley misses with a left hook and follows up with a fastball right hand just before the final bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Polley (29-28 Marrero)
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Polley (29-28 Marrero)
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Polley (29-28 Polley)

Official result: Judge Brent Colflesh sees it 30-27, while Brad Duruttya and Greg Monskie have it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Lew Polley.

Bellator Season 7 Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Ricardo Tirloni vs. Rene Nazare

Round 1
Both men probe with early jabs, but Nazare drops levels and gets a quick single. He can't keep Tirloni down, however, and his fellow Brazilian hops back up and starts working on a standing guillotine. Tirloni turns Nazare into the cage with his headlock, kneeing to the head and body. They disengage and throw wild punches, a Tirloni left being the best punch that lands. An awkward flying knee from Tirloni lands, but he can't land the follow-up takedown he seeks. Nazare then looks for a takedown and gets another single, but once more, Tirloni pops right back up. Tirloni swims to the Thai clinch and lands a volley of knees. Nazare pushes forward for a takedown and eats another knee as Tirloni briefly slips. They clinch along the cage again. They separate and Tirloni lands a long, awkward left hook. Nazare pushes him to the fence, but again, Tirloni gets underhooks and turns his fellow Brazilian back into the cage. Tirloni very active with knees to the body. When they separate, the orthodox Tirloni again leads with the left hook and lands, prompting Nazare to re-initiate the clinch. As the 10-second clapper goes, Nazare lands two good punches but can't capitalize before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Tirloni
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Tirloni
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Tirloni

K. Mills

Tirloni came, swung and subbed.

Round 2
The two are more aggressive with punches early and a big left hook from Nazare has Tirloni on his heels. Tirloni doesn't stop swinging, however, and the long-armed swinging pays off, as a wild counter right hook rocks Nazare. Tirloni dives onto a front headlock and tries to lock it up before adjusting his grip to a brabo choke very smartly. Nazare tries to move his legs and hold Tirloni's position, but Tirloni clears his body, bases out and finishes the choke. Just as Nazare taps out, it appears he falls unconscious into the arms of referee Keith Peterson. The end comes officially at 1:14 of the second round. Ricardo Tirloni is the first man to advance to the semifinals of Bellator's Season 7 lightweight tournament.

Bellator Season 7 Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Marcin Held vs. Murad Machaev

Round 1
Held starts the fight in high-flying fashion with a jumping switch-step head kick. The strike grazes Machaev and forces a brief clinch. Held wades forward pumping his jab, but each time he gets close, Machaev uncoils a heavy power shot and forces him to retreat. Held just glances with an ugly one-two. Machaev just circling away and seemingly feeling his foe out. A spinning back kick for Held just comes up short. Held finally corners Machaev along the fence and unloads a one-two that Machaev literally tries to run away from. Held lands, grabs his foe and sucks him to the mat. Muraev scoots up the fence to get up, but Held lands some knees on the way up before he breaks free. Held walks Machaev down again, corks him with another spinning back fist, then shoots in on a double-leg. Machaev stuffs it, but Held keeps him on his knees, up against the fence, then drags him from the waist to the mat. Realizing the round is expiring, Held dives for the back, then a leg before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Held
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Held
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Held

Round 2
Held pursues Machaev again before landing a hard left and shooting for the takedown. Held can't get him down, so he tries to grapevine the leg and roll back for a leglock, but bails. Held stands and looks for superior position in the clinch, but Machaev fights off the cage. Machaev lands a hard right on the approaching Held. Held shoots in once more and is rebuffed, getting tagged on the way out. Held again punches to the clinch, but Machaev turns him around this time and nearly smashes him with a wild uppercut. Held is breathing deeply now and Machaev is starting to come forward, though he's not landing notable offense. Held bursts forward before turning his back and somersaulting into a leglock attempt a la Masakazu Imanari. Machaev blocks it, but Held nearly goes over the top to take his back. They take their feet again, and Machaev lands a wild one-two that dings the Pole. Held throws an awkward one-two but whiffs. Machaev returns with a right of his own. Held goes for another spinning back kick, but finds only air before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Machaev
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Machaev
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Machaev

Round 3

K. Mills

Held outlasted Machaev.

Both men look tired, winging arm-weary punches as the final round begins. A spinning back fist for Held whizzes wide. Held shoots in once again, but Machaev simply shucks him off and waits for him to stand again. Both men putting jabs out there, but neither can seem to muster a hard, clean power strike. Machaev is aggressive with lunging lead lefts, but hitting just air. With 60 seconds to go, it is anyone's round, just begging to be won. Jab-uppercut for Machaev glances, and Held responds with a jab and a leg kick. Spinning back kick for Held again misses, as does his follow up spinning back fist. The bell ends a third round full of waiting.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-10 (29-29 Draw)
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Held (29-28 Held)
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Held (29-28 Held)

Official result: All three judges -- Brent Colflesh, Brad Duruttya and Kings Kao -- score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Marcin Held. Held advances to the semifinals of the Bellator Season 7 lightweight tournament.

Bellator Season 7 Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Dave Jansen vs. Magomed Saadulaev

Round 1
Saaduaev throws a leg kick which whiffs and follows up with a push kick. Another push kick lands and Jansen stalks him down. The Dagstani drives for a takedown and ends up in a guillotine. He wriggles his neck out but Jansen scrambles his way to his feet. Saadulaev maintains control of his back and the Dagestani pushes him back to the mat. Jansen once again works his way to his feet and Saadulaev grabs his neck for a guillotine of his own. He flips Jansen and he ends up on his back but Saadulaev immediately scrambles to take his back. Jansen tries to flip him but Saadulaev rides his back with a back cruicifix He switches to north-south position and works for and inverted triangle but Jansen flips him over and ends up in side control. Awesome scrambles. He moves to mount and Saadulaev works his way to his feet, tagging Jansen in the process. Saadulaev mocks Jansen by putting his hands at his hips and then dives for a takedown. Jansen tries to lock in a guillotine but the round ends as Saadulaev works to his feet.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Saadulaev
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Saadulaev
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Saadulaev

Round 2
The “USA! USA!” chants are loud and clear here, as the American Jansen comes out throwing a push kick. A wild right hand tags Jansen. Saadulaev drives for a takedown but Jansen sprawls and stuffs the attempt. A stiff jab stuns the Dagastani for a moment. Again the Saadulaev drives for a takedown and again he is stuffed. Jansen is beginning to heat up throwing jabs. A big left hand drives Jansen to the mat for a moment but he stands back up. Saadulaev's hands are at his hips and Jansen takes down his foe. In half guard, Saadulaev works for a kimura from bottom but Jansen continues to advance position and works for an arm-triangle choke. He holds it from full guard for a moment but the Dagastani is nonplussed. Jansen postures up and rains down a three massive right hands to the face of Saadulaev. He gets into a rhythm and lands more blows to the face of his opponent. He lands a big back fist and the round ends with heavy Jansen ground-and-pound.

K. Mills

Jansen punched his semis ticket.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jansen
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Jansen
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Jansen

Round 3
Saadulaev is clearly gassed and drives for a desperation takedown almost immediately. Jansen locks up a tight guillotine and then pulls full guard, sensing his opportunity. The Dagastani has run out of gas and is forced to tap out as Jansen strains on the choke. The end comes 41 seconds into the final round, giving Dave Jansen passage into the Bellator Season 7 lightweight tournament semifinals.

Round 1
Sarnavskiy immediately walks Clementi down, attacking with low kicks. A hard spinning back kick from the Russian backs Clementi up, and a hard spinning back fist lands to follow. Clementi shoots in a takedown and referee Mario Yamasaki warns Sarnavskiy about grabbing the fence. Clementi gets him at the waist and hops onto his back, sinking his hooks to back standing back control. “Tiger” leans forward, trying to shake Clementi off over the top. The veteran from Louisiana stays glued to his back, however, attacking with right hands and trying to get the Russian's balance to falter. Clementi gets wrist control on Sarnavskiy, then hammerfists with the other arm. With a minute to go, Clementi is back working for the rear-naked choke. Finally, with some 30 seconds to go, Clementi slips it under Sarnavskiy's neck and the Russian falls to his back. He gets it off his neck, but Clementi sinks it back in. Sarnavskiy's face is purple, but he refuses to tap and hears the bell. Incredible toughness to survive by Sarnavskiy.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Clementi
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Clementi
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-8 Clementi

Round 2
Sarnavskiy's aggression has gone nowhere, as he opens up the second round with more aggressive kicking. However, Clementi gets him to the cage, sucks his legs out and sets up shop on top. Clementi immediately tries to pass over both legs into full mount, but winds up in half guard instead. Sarnavskiy again tries to roll, exposes his back and Clementi sinks his hooks in. This time, Sarnavskiy can't stand up, and he's trapped on the ground with Clementi, both hooks in. From the back, the UFC veteran peppers Sarnavskiy on both sides, controlling his wrists and looking for an opportunity to choke him. Sarnavskiy finally turns into his foe, winding up in Clementi's guard with a minute left in the second stanza. The Russian postures up and drops a stream of right hands before settling into guard. With 25 seconds to go and Clementi working an active guard, Mario Yamasaki stands them up. Clementi is immediately hit with a spinning back fist and follow up kick. Sarnavskiy claims top on a scrambling Clementi before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Clementi
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Clementi
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Clementi

Round 3

K. Mills

Clementi's grappling authored an
upset against Sarnavskiy.

Sarnavskiy opens with hard, rangy punches. He backs Clementi up with a one-two and an awkward right drops Clementi to the mat. The veteran quickly rolls to Sarnavskiy's legs in pursuit of a leglock. Clementi looks for a kneebar, then switches to a toehold, but Sarnavskiy limplegs out and gets into Clementi's guard. Clementi looks for a kimura from the bottom but Sarnavskiy bases down and gets to half guard. Sarnavskiy lands some idle busywork to the head and body while Clementi shifts from side to side in pursuit of a submission. Referee Mario Yamasaki stands them up again with just under two minutes to go. Clementi shoots in quickly, pulls guard, then tries to sweep Sarnavskiy. The Russian instead stands ground and pounds in Clementi's guard before allowing him to stand again. Clementi is hit with a spinning back fist, then essentially buttscoots, looking to suck his foe to the mat. With a minute to fight, Sarnavskiy likely needs a knockout to win. The Russian attacks with another spinning back fist, prompting another Clementi flop. The Russian comes to the ground, only to be quickly swept. Clementi rolls through to top position, but Sarnavskiy locks up a loose triangle before the final bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Sarnavskiy (29-27 Clementi)
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Sarnavskiy (29-28 Clementi)
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Sarnavskiy (29-27 Clementi)

Official result: Judge Brent Colflesh sees it 29-28 for Clementi, while Kings Kao reckons it 29-28 for Sarnavskiy. Deciding judge Brad Duruttya sees it 29-28 for the winner by split decision and advancing to the semifinals of the Bellator Season 7 lightweight tournament, Rich Clementi.

Round 1
Lozano comes out in a crouched stance as the fighters size each other up for a moment. Morgan drives for a quick takedown and moves into full guard. Lozano keeps his legs high and Morgan sits in guard inactively. Finally he shucks the legs and moves to sidecontrol but his foe immediately squirms back into full guard. Morgan lands a few quick elbows to the face and Lozano grabs his wrists. Morgan pulls his hands away and lands a few punches to the body. Lozano moves into rubber guard, looking to attack an arm. Morgan continues to pound on his body and face with short punches. He postures up and again lands short punches to the face of his foe. Lozano covers up as he begins to feel the effects of the blows. Morgan's face is now split open and bleeding from a glancing elbow. Lozano moves his legs high and threatens with a triangle but Morgan wriggles out of the attempt. Referee Mario Yamasaki calls in the doctor to look at Morgan's cut. The doctor gives the OK and on the restart, Lozano lands a big right that staggers his opponent. In the ensuing scramble, Lozano tries to lock in a triangle but the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Morgan
Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Morgan
Sam Genovese scores the round 10-9 Morgan

K. Mills

Lozano went Toby Imada style
on Morgan.

Round 2
Morgan comes out swinging and lands two big right hands to the face of Lozano. He presses forward, shoots and gets Lozano to the mat. Morgan lands short punches as Lozano works a high guard, looking for submissions. Lozano keeps attacking Morgan's cut with his elbows. Lozano grabs an arm and slowly works his legs around the head of his foe to try to straighten it out but Morgan squeezes his way out and moves into side control. But Lozano is slick and moves his legs up around Morgan's neck for an inverted triangle as he passes. Morgan tries to wriggle free but he realizes he's trapped. The fantastic submission victory for Lozano comes at 2:28 of the second frame.
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