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Andrew Hemingway

Spencer choked out Daily.

Round 1
Spencer puts Daily in danger early, mugging the slower man with uppercuts inside. Daily shoots and Spencer sprawls; after some more peppering shots on the feet, Spencer rushes his foe into the fence. They break off and Spencer counters a Daily right with a crisp one-two. Daily tries to get some leg kicks going, but he’s taking hard counterpunches up the middle. With two minutes to go, Spencer plows down Daily with a double-leg at the base of the fence. Spencer works from half-guard but can’t get any solid offense off before Daily uses the cage to stand back up. Another takedown goes for Spencer with a minute left and this time he gets side control on the kneeling Daily, socking him with a couple hard shots before they move back to the feet. Daily has an ankle pick thwarted and finishes the round clinging to Spencer’s leg. scores the round 10-9 Spencer.

Round 2
Spencer gets right back to work with punches, sticking his hands in Daily’s face. Daily has something to say about it this time, countering with punches and knees. The attack allows Spencer to bring Daily to the floor again. Quickly taking Daily’s back, Spencer locks up a body triangle and sinks in a rear-naked choke. It looks deep, but Daily gives ref Kerry Hatley a thumbs-up to indicate he’s alright. Spencer adjusts the choke and Daily is forced to tap out at the 1:24 of the second round.

A. Hemingway

Martinez mopped up Frey.

Round 1
Frey emerges in a low stance, keeping his distance from Martinez and throwing some slapping low kicks. Martinez spends the first half of the frame just trying to chase down Frey, who dashes away. Martinez finally backs his man into the cage with two minutes to go and uncorks a nice right hand which sends Frey into a full sprint. Frey goes to the body with a kick and Martinez wobbles him with a hard left hook. Frey stays up, then goes down from the next left. Martinez postures up in the half-guard of the dazed Frey and blasts him with punches until ref Kerry Hatley intervenes. At 4:08 of the opening round, it’s a TKO win for Rad Martinez in his featherweight debut.
Round 1
Jansen pushes forward on Kirwan right away, but Kirwan reverses the momentum with a shot. Kirwan slaps on a guillotine choke and Jansen scrambles until he can pop his head loose and stand back up. They tie up in the center of the cage and trade uppercuts and knees on the inside. Kirwan scores with a strong knee up the middle that has Jansen breaking away. Kirwan shoots again and this time it’s Jansen looking for a guillotine. Kirwan escapes and stays on top, trying to control the legs as Jansen works to stand using the fence. Kirwan has a body lock and Jansen slams a few hard right hands to his body as he gets to his feet. Jansen turns the corner and nearly takes Kirwan’s back before Kirwan hits a switch. Jansen goes around the back again and drops right hands to the face of the kneeling Kirwan. With 80 seconds left, Jansen goes back to the front for another choke attempt and Kirwan uses the opportunity to put Jansen on his back. Kirwan tries to stay heavy on top but Jansen gets to his feet again. Another guillotine try from Kirwan yields nothing, and Jansen closes the back-and-forth first round on top, throwing punches.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jansen
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Jansen
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Jansen

A. Hemingway

Jansen survived serious danger
to get the win.

Round 2
Kirwan pops Jansen with a left and drives on a single-leg attempt while Jansen grabs for yet another guillotine attempt. Kirwan gets his head loose and steps into full mount, then latches onto Jansen’s back to go for a rear-naked choke. Jansen twists free, giving Kirwan mount momentarily before stuffing him back into his guard. In one motion, Kirwan takes Jansen’s back again and sinks in a deep rear-naked choke. Jansen somehow bridges and gets free from the choke, then twists around to place himself in Kirwan’s closed guard. Jansen drops right hammerfists on Kirwan’s face and chest at the midway point of the fight. Kirwan goes for another guillotine and Jansen escapes once more. Jansen drops hard shots until Kirwan -- now trickling blood from his brow -- turns around, then takes his back and finishes the round with punches from there.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Kirwan
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Kirwan
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Kirwan

Round 3
Jansen puts Kirwan on his back quickly and works from his closed guard. Kirwan throws up a triangle which Jansen denies and keeps pounding away. The action isn’t enough for ref Jacob Montalvo, who stands them back up with just about three minutes to go. The pattern repeats with Jansen shooting and Kirwan grabbing at a guillotine which he’s soon forced to abandon. Montalvo wants more action and Jansen postures up to put right hands on Kirwan’s body and face. Another guillotine try from Kirwan with a minute remaining. Jansen isn’t troubled and punches Kirwan’s body until he can get loose. Jansen finishes the fight as he finished the previous round, throwing punches from top position.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jansen (29-28 Jansen)
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Jansen (29-28 Jansen)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Jansen (29-28 Jansen)

Official result: Judge Matt West scores the bout 30-27, while judges Michelle Drake-Browning and Steve Armstrong each see it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Dave Jansen.

Round 1
Nazare presses forward early, looking to dip inside with punches, and Michel pops him with a right hook. Pressing Michele on the fence, Nazare looks for a trip inside while mixing in a couple knees. The rangy Michele scores with a few knees of his own before the lightweights are split up by ref Jacob Montalvo. Nazare is momentarily backed up with a push kick before rushing back in and resuming his takedown try on the fence. This time, Nazare is finding even less success and breaks off after absorbing a few knees. Michele is hunting for teep and spinning kicks, none landing clean but certainly giving Nazare something to think about. Nazare shoots again and finally gets his takedown after a brief struggle on the fence. Not a lot of action from Nazare on top as he tries to navigate the long, closed guard of his countryman. With a few seconds to go, Nazare postures up and drops a couple left hands.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Michel
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Michel
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Michel

A. Hemingway

Michel's kicks delivered big.

Round 2
Michel starts connecting with snapping front kicks and Nazare throws a low kick, but his follow-up punch is way out of range. After taking another kick to the mush, Nazare rushes Michel again. Michel turns the tables and puts Nazare’s back on the cage, then backs away to land a right hook and a left straight. Nazare eats a hook and a kick, then picks Michel’s ankle and sends him tumbling to the base of the fence. Michel nearly has his back taken in the scramble, then puts his back is to the fence with Nazare in his open guard. Nazare puts him flat, but they’re only there a few seconds before ref Montalvo stands them up. Michel lands a right and a kick to the body, then a one-two and another kick. Nazare latches onto Michel’s leg off a flying knee attempt. Michel struggles to stay on his feet before giving it up and throwing a kick with his free leg on the way down. Michel pops right back to his feet and mugs Nazare on the fence, where Michel finds his mark with punches, knees, kicks. Nazare is wobbly but Michel backs off, allowing Nazare to get inside and finish the round with a takedown.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Michel
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Michel
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Michel

Round 3
Nazare strikes first with a chopping low kick and Michel responds in kind after double-pumping his jab. Nazare contemplates a shot but quickly abandons it and tries a front kick of his own, which misses by a wide margin. A few head kicks come closer, but they’re deflected by Michel, who has really slowed down his offense in the final frame. Nazare brings down Michel against the fence with two minutes to go and works to stack him up from guard. Nazare is scoring with punches but still having trouble passing Michel’s long guard. Nazare tries an arm-triangle choke from half-guard, but he’s on the wrong side and can’t get it tight before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Nazare (29-28 Michel)
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Nazare (29-28 Michel)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Nazare (29-28 Michel)

Official result: Judge Steve Armstrong scores the bout 29-28 for Michel, while Michelle Drake-Browning has it 29-28 for Nazare. The third and deciding judge, Matt West, scores it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Thiago Michel.

Bellator Season 6 Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal
J.J. Ambrose vs. Brent Weedman

Round 1
Weedman drops Ambrose with a left hand, but he doesn’t pounce and Ambrose gets back to his feet right away. Ambrose pushes forward and drives Weedman to the ground, then looks for a brabo choke from top position. Weedman escapes the choke and leans from left to right in Ambrose’s half-guard, punching to the body while ref Kerry Hatley warns to watch the spine. They settle in and Ambrose sweeps from underneath with a kimura. He stands up and Weedman drills Ambrose with an upkick that knocks out his mouthpiece. While his opponent is scrambled, Weedman leaps up and takes top position again. Ambrose gives up his back and Weedman is in the driver’s seat with two minutes to go. Weedman cinches up a body triangle and tries to loop his left arm under Ambrose’s chin, but Ambrose bucks and escapes. Weedman throws punches from back mount and is warned to watch mind the back of the head. Ambrose gets to his knees, but Weedman still has the body triangle and lays back to pull Ambrose flat again. Ambrose twists around and Weedman nearly gets full mount, instead finishing by sprawling on an Ambrose single-leg.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Weedman
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Weedman
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Weedman

A. Hemingway

Weedman paid tribute to Jason Von
Flue with his victory.

Round 2
Ambrose hits a takedown early but can’t stay on top for long. Weedman sweeps to the top and uses head-and-arm control to try and pass guard. He passes to side control on Ambrose’s left and traps his left arm between his legs for a crucifix. Weedman leans across to frame up a kimura, lets it go and abandons the crucifix as well. He drops a couple hard knees to Ambrose’s body and denies a sweep. Weedman’s head is caught in a guillotine under Ambrose’s left arm, but Weedman drives his left shoulder into Ambrose’s throat and forces a tap almost instantly. Brent Weedman advances to the semifinals of the lightweight tournament with a Von Flue/shoulder choke at 3:26 of round two.

Bellator Season 6 Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal
Rick Hawn vs. Ricardo Tirloni

A. Hemingway

Hawn's right hand ripped Tirloni.

Round 1
Tirloni lunges in with a flying knee, misses and tries to tie up, but the lightweights quickly split. Hawn presses out from the center, flicking out short punches while Tirloni keeps busy with kicks to the legs and body. Hawn comes inside to clinch and they jockey for position along the fence, Tirloni landing some solid knees before they break. Hawn scores his first solid offense of the bout 90 seconds in with a right hook. Charging forward again, Hawn pins Tirloni on the cage but can’t keep him there long, as Tirloni attacks with knees from the plum. Hawn steps in with a massive right hand that lands behind Tirloni’s ear and sends the Brazilian crashing to the mat. Hawn thumps his dazed foe with hammerfists from guard until Tirloni’s lights go out. Referee Kerry Hatley steps in to save the unconscious Tirloni, who comes to his senses seconds later, nearly upkicks Hatley and then protests the stoppage. Rick Hawn scores a brutal knockout at 2:36 of the opening round in his lightweight debut.
Round 1
The lightweights meet in the middle and clinch up, and Woodard throws a knee to Pitbull’s groin. The Brazilian recovers after a minute and a wild scramble ensues with Woodard landing a clipping punch, followed by a big takedown from Freire. They scramble back to their feet and Woodard catches Pitbull going back with a hard left straight. “Cupcake” goes down to Freire’s guard, lifts him up and carries him over to the fence. Pitbull uses the cage to post and reverse, but Woodard is only on his back a few seconds before he stands on the fence. Pitbull scores another takedown on the fence and hops into full mount. Woodard escapes out the back door and moves to top position in Freire’s closed guard. The American stands up and breaks the posture, but can’t generate a lot of offense from the top. Pitbull scrambles to his feet and blitzes Woodard with big punches, staggering him with a wide left. Freire tries to give chase and follow up but Woodard regains his footing and replies with a knee before being taken down. From half-guard on Woodard’s right side, Freire frames up a kimura on the left arm with less than half a minute to go. He keeps working for it to the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Freire
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Freire
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Freire

A. Hemingway

Woodard put a wrench in
Freire's Season 6 plans.

Round 2
Woodard opens up with a few leg kicks and Freire comes forward with a pair of sweeping left hooks which miss. Pitbull charges in again and another woolly exchange ensues, Woodard connecting with a big knee and Pitbull with another big left hand in the melee. Pitbull lands a solid right but then catches a knee from Woodard as he shoots in for a single-leg. Freire seems dazed as he rolls and winds up underneath Woodard, who lands left hammerfists to his opponent’s unprotected face. Freire throws his legs up for an armbar, which Woodard denies and moves to side control on Pitbull’s left. Woodard goes to the farside for a kimura on Freire’s left arm. He has Freire’s head trapped between his legs as he rolls him over, still wrenching the kimura. Woodard cranks until Freire’s arm gives and the Brazilian is finally forced to tap out. At 1:46 of round two, Lloyd Woodard becomes the fourth and final Bellator Season 6 lightweight tournament semifinalist.

A. Hemingway

The taller Peterson got the
short end of a split decision.

Round 1
After some feeling out, Peterson catches a kick and tries to lay a straight punch on Jones, who falls to the ground and jumps right back up. Soon after, Jones reverses the position by catching a kick and then standing over the downed Peterson, who also gets up quickly. Jones pauses the action a few times to adjust his cup, though he didn’t appear to be kicked in it. Jones catches another kick and shoves Peterson down, but again does not give chase. Peterson is beginning to stick his jab, especially over the top when Jones kicks low. Jones denies a shot from Peterson but gets hustled into the fence , where he sprawls before his cup falls out of his shorts. Ref Jacob Montalvo allows Jones to try and fix the cup, but warns that he will stop the fight if it falls out again. The action resumes and Jones pushes Peterson into the fence, where he trips him down. Peterson hops back up and is kept on the fence with an underhook, but he drills Jones in the face with some hard knees before being taken down again at the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jones
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Jones
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Jones

Round 2
Peterson stuffs a combination in Jones’ face and misses with a spinning kick. He’s taken down by Jones and grabs for a guillotine on the way down, then quickly gives it up. Peterson inches his leg up for rubber guard and Jones backs out, allowing Peterson to stand. Jones ducks a spinning back-fist and puts Peterson on his back again. Jones lands a couple chopping inside leg kicks before he’s backed away by a combo and a low kick. Now Jones rushes forward again, throwing five or six punches in a bunch but not landing anything clean. Peterson lands a stiff jab, but just as he does, Jones zaps him with a counter left hook. Peterson’s legs buckle but he doesn’t go down, and the follow-up offense from Jones doesn’t land clean. Peterson is recovered now and he connects with a spinning back-fist. Jones eats it and keeps coming forward, putting a solid three-punch combo on Peterson. Ref Montalvo thinks Jones caught a kick in the cup, but Jones says he’s good to go and the featherweights finish the round throwing hands.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jones
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Jones
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Jones

Round 3
Jones lands the first solid offense of the round 70 seconds in, cracking Peterson with a long left. Peterson slips on a kick and grabs for a leg as Jones stands above him, looking to pound. Jones wants his man back on his feet, and once Peterson is there, he eats another left, then another when he wades inside with a kick attempt. Jones is doing well to stay away from Peterson’s strikes, then decides to come inside and winds up with Peterson pulling rubber guard. Jones gets up Peterson charges forward and hits a double-leg, then socks away with left hands as he catches a kneeling Jones trying to stand. With 80 seconds left, Peterson tries a rear-naked choke which Jones shakes off. He softens Jones up with punches and goes for it again, switching to a neck crank but still unable to coax a tap. Peterson still has full back mount on the turtling Jones with both hooks in. He loses the hooks and gets too high on the back, allowing Jones to slip out and stand. Both men throw wild punches in the closing 10 seconds with neither man landing clean.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Peterson (29-28 Jones)
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Peterson (29-28 Jones)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Peterson (29-28 Jones)

Official result: Judge Steve Armstrong scores the bout 30-27 in favor of Peterson, while Michelle Drake-Browning and Matt West have it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Chris Jones.

A. Hemingway

Vega vanquished Luque.

Round 1
Vega staggers Luque with a right hand but the hometown fighter stays on his feet and recovers quickly. They tie up and Vega holds Luque on the fence before lifting him into the air and slamming him onto his back. Vega works from side control on Luque’s left side and traps Luque’s left arm between his legs. Luque extracts the limb, but he’s not out of danger, as Vega is cranking a kimura on his right arm. Luque bucks and gets loose of the hold, giving up full mount at the same time. Luque turns over and Vega flattens him out, then begins blasting away with vicious right hands. Vega stays heavy on top as Luque twists and turns, and he’s got an arm-triangle choke waiting once Luque gets his back on the mat. Luque resists for a few seconds but is forced to capitulate at 3:43 of the opening round.
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