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Round 1
They clinch quickly, each gaining one underhooks. Nichols looks for an inside trip, but van Buren easily defends it. Nichols gets a side headlock, and tries to hip throw van Buren to the mat. He gets the throw briefly, but his foe easily stands back up. Nichols tries a foot stomp, and van Buren slips behind him and gets a rear waistlock. Nichols tries to work on a figure-four on the left arm of van Buren, but it's going nowhere. Van Buren knees to the back of the thighs, while Nichols looks for foot stomps again. Nichols gets van Buren's grip broken, and is still pursuing the figure-four on his opponent's arm. However, he can's roll or throw. Van Buren finally extricates his arm, and trips Nichols to the mat with 70 seconds to fight in the round. Nichols overhooks van Buren, who passes to half guard. Not much action on the floor, as van Buren grinds his head into Nichols' face. Van Buren passes to full mount with 10 seconds left, and gets Nichols' back, nearly choking him out before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 van Buren
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 van Buren
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 van Buren

K. Mills

Van Buren (right) spoiled Nichols'
pro debut.

Round 2
Nichols wades in with a lazy hook, initiating a clinch. However, he immediately knees van Buren low, causing referee Myron Gaudet to intervene and call for a pause in the action. After two minute sitting on the canvas, van Buren is up and the bout is restarted. They exchange awkward low kicks, and van Buren lands a pair of hooks before clinching once more. Van Buren goes behind Nichols once more, and takes him to the mat again. Nichols clings to a figure-four once more, as van Buren tries to advance to back mount. Van Buren punches with his free hand, trying to break Nichols grip. Nichols looks completely outmatched here, just laying on his face getting punched.

Referee Myron Gaudet has seen enough and rescues the helpless Nichols at 2:29 of the second round.

K. Mills

Frazier was physically dominant.

Round 1
They circle and Frazier rushes in, getting a quick takedown into side control. The "Icon" Wilson works it into half guard, but Frazier is dropping down bombs. Wilson is working hard to escape but Frazier's top game is solid, as the former powerlifter moves to half guard and continues pummeling away. He gets the mount and drops some more vicious punches, forcing Watson to roll over. Frazier pounds Watson's ears relentlessly, forcing Myron Gaudet into action and earning the stoppage at 1:50 of the first round.

Round 1
Quayhagen throws a low kick which is checked, and a winging right hand which Alexander easily avoids. Alexander is patient thus far, looking to counter, but can't find his opportunity. Quayhagen jumps in with an errant one-two. "The Good Boy" cracks him to the body with a roundhouse kick, but can't land his follow-up. Alexander with a nice left hook. Quayhagen misses another massive punch, and Alexander tries to respond with a head kick, but slips to his back. Quayhagen lets him back up, and the next significant strike is a punch rush from Quayhagen. He throws a body kick, which Alexander catches, but he worms free. Despite Alexander's kickboxing credentials, Quayhagen is landing more strikes. Alexander lands two hard low kicks. Switch-step right hand lands for Alexander, but Quayhagen smacks him with a stiff jab. Quayhagen lands another body kick, and Alexander can't respond before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Alexander

Round 2
A heavy series of leg kicks from Alexander start the second round. Alexander leaps him with another left hook that rocks Quayhagen's head back. Quayhagen loads up on a right hand, and hits Alexander, who slips and hits the mat for a moment. Alexander gets right back up, and tears into Quayhagen's lead leg once more. The Lake Charles, La., native responds with an outside leg kick of his own. Alexander now winding up his arms, taunting Quayhagen, who doesn't oblige. A heavy kick from Alexander, and the two wing heavy punches, but neither can find his foe. Another 20 seconds of sizing one another up ends in an Alexander low kick. A lazy Quayhagen teep is caught, and Alexander kicks him in the guts. A low kick for Alexander lands, but Quayhagen lands a right hand on the way in and Alexander slips to the mat. Quayhagen unloads with punches on the Brazilian before the bell, but without much effect.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Alexander
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen

Round 3

K. Mills

Quayhagen's striking impressed.

Another low kick lands for Alexander, but again, Quayhagen catches his kick and knocks him off balance to the canvas, and then allows him to stand once more. Stiff jab for Quayhagen, who is moving forward more consistently now. Alexander lands another low kick, and Quayhagen glances with an overhand right. Quayhagen now moving backward again, trying to counter the Brazilian with his hands. Hard inside low kick for Alexander, followed by a left hook. A Quayhagen kick is caught this time, and Alexander flurries for a moment before the local favorite gets free. Quayhagen closes the distance and gets a takedown into side control, but Alexander regains guard. Quayhagen is now chipping away with short punches to the head and ribs from full guard, moving Alexander to the fence.

Alexander hops up with 10 seconds to go, but it's too little too late, as the bell rings, prompting an explosion from the partisan, pro-Quayhagen crowd.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen (29-28 Quayhagen)
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen (30-27 Quayhagen)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Quayhagen (29-28 Quayhagen)

Official result: All three judges -- Joe Ancona, Jordan Bass and Corey Manuel -- score the fight 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Josh Quayhagen.

Round 1

K. Mills

Da Silva squeezed out the W.

Feinting and whiffing with punches and low kicks marks the first 60 seconds of the first round. Da Silva finally chops into Goldsby with a hard outside low kick followed by a body kick. Junior PQD fakes a flying knee, and then misses an axe kick. However, the ensuing clinch allows Goldsby to take him to the mat. Da Silva quickly regains his feet, and uses underhooks to ragdoll Goldsby to the mat, taking side control and throwing heavy punches. Da Silva looks for a keylock, but Goldsby rolls out and gets back to his feet. Da Silva shoots low again, switches to a single, and finishes it. Again, he immediately pounds on Goldsby. Goldsby tries to get to his feet, but da Silva locks up a brabo choke from the front headlock position. Goldsby escapes, but da Silva readjusts it and rolls him however, keeping the choke locked tight.

Goldsby bridges his back and tries to escape, but eventually rolls back to the inside and traps himself. The subsequent tap comes at 3:51 of the first round. Slick submission by Junior PQD.

K. Mills

Sparks destroyed Holata.

Round 1
Both fighters circle and paw at each other. Sparks lands a nice hook that sends the sweat flying. Holata ties up against the fence. They break and start swinging, but no real damage is done. They circle some more, feeling each other out and regaining their composure. Then Sparks lands a wicked hook-straight-hook combination that flattens Holata on the mat. Sparks swarms on top, dropping heavy hammers on Holata's unconscious face. Referee Gabe Barahona is forced to step in and end it at just 1:24 of the first round.

Round 1
Prindle is aggressive, stalking Wagner back to the cage. A volley of punches leads to a clinch, where no knees land clean. Wagner escapes, and circles on the outside, connecting with an outside low kick. Prindle throws a slow kick, which Wagner catches and kneetaps him to the mat. Wagner easily moves to full mount just 90 seconds into the fight. Wagner postures up and drops four punches, prompting Prindle to roll. However, Wagner can't stay on his back, and Prindle gets top position. Wagner lands an illegal upkick, but Prindle simply gives him a high-five from top position to show him there's no ill effect. The Arizonian stands up out of the guard, and tenderizes Wagner's legs from Ali-Inoki position. Wagner throws his hips up for an armbar, and prompts Prindle to scramble to escape. Both men regain their feet with 70 seconds in the round. Prindle's entire upper body is beet red. Prindle attacks Wagner, but a heavy right from Wagner stumbles him. Prindle awkwardly steps back and Wagner is all over him, throwing haymakers. Incredibly, Prindle keeps his composure, and goes right back to stalking Wagner. Wagner lands two knees, and Prindle smacks him with a hard knee to the body, then to the chin before the bell. Sloppy but stirring first round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Wagner
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Wagner
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Wagner

Round 2
It takes six seconds for Prindle to throw a massive one-two, and initiate a clinch. He can't tip Wagner to the mat, however. Prindle lands a slow, heavy high knee from the clinch, and Wagner breaks free. Switch-step left hand from Prindle snaps Wagner's head back. Left hook and a knee land for the slowing Prindle, who despite breathing heavy is still coming forward. Prindle clinches Wagner once more, and thumps him to the ribs with short hooks. The pair trade knees, and it is fisticuffs again as they exchange wild leather. A clubbing left from Prindle wobbles Wagner, who retreats to the cage. Wagner desperately cling to a single leg, but Prindle falls on him, straight into full mount. He blows a rear-naked choke attempt in sloppy fashion, but manages to stay in side control. Prindle muscles his way to a keylock attempt with 90 seconds left, but can't overpower Wagner's far arm. Wagner tries to scramble, but Prindle gets a front headlock from his knees, and pushes him back to the canvas. Wagner scrambles to Prindle's leg. Perhaps sensing a chance to rest, both heavyweight trade toehold attempts for 10 seconds, before Wagner rolls into a proper heel hook attempt. Prindle manages to bend his knee to relieve some of the pressure and wait until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Prindle
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Prindle
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Prindle

Round 3

K. Mills

Prindle outlasted Wagner.

Slow swinging by both men through the first minute, with no real success. They clinch with over-unders, but Prindle is too tired to complete the takedown. Wagner breaks away and kicks low, just barely dodging a massive Prindle left. Prindle takes Wagner down and hits him with hammerfists, but Wagner tries to scramble. Prindle shows surprising agility, moving to side control on the farside, and resuming his short punches. Wagner tries to stop him by just pushing his arm away, and fails. Prindle drives knees into Wagner's ribs, and establishes his position. Prindle tries for an arm-triangle choke, which he uses to pass to mount with just over a minute left. Prindle lands a salvo of lefts, and forces Wagner to roll. Prindle chinlocks Wagner, unable to get the full rear-naked choke.

Wagner gives a feeble thumbs up to referee Jason Herzog to let him know he's still in it. More lefts rain down from Prindle, as Wagner is just looking to survive. Both fists now whacking Wagner in the face. At the 10-second clapper, Wagner bridges and rolls, taking top position, but it's too little too late.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Prindle (29-28 Prindle)
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Prindle (29-28 Prindle)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Prindle (29-28 Prindle)

Official result: All three judges -- Joe Ancona, Jordan Bass and Gabe Barahona -- score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Eric Prindle.

Round 1
A head kick from the stalking Jensen is blocked. Ivanov lands an inside low kick, and explodes wih two one-two combos before tripping Jensen to the canvas and instantly taking full mount. Jensen pushes him back into half guard. Ivanov tries to pass back to full mount, but Jensen rolls him over and takes top position along the fence. The Bulgarian shimmies up the fence and regains his feet with just over two minutes gone in the round. Ivanov is winging his punches, but he's deftly ducking Jensen's and just raking him with heavy hooks. Jensen walks into another massive flurry. His nose is bloodied, and he's getting cracked with everything Ivanov throws. Two more left hands for Ivanov land, and he attempts a flying knee. Right hook from the Bulgarian. Jensen is walking forward, straight into punches from the world champion sambo player. Jensen grins as he walks into another right hand from Ivanov. The beating continues until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Ivanov
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Ivanov
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Ivanov

Round 2

K. Mills

Ivanov simply brutalized Jensen.

Jensen clinches to start the second, looking for a takedown inside. However, Ivanov lands a brilliant outside trip straight into side control. Ivanov works on a keylock on the far arm of Jensen, and uses it to pass back to full mount. Jensen frees himself, but Ivanov postures up and smacks him with rights and lefts. Jensen bucks after Ivanov smacks him with two stiff rights, but Ivanov gets a front headlock and controls him with it. Jensen bulls him into the fence. Ivanov locks up a tight guillotine as he stops the single-leg, and drives his hips into Jensen's head. Jensen is out cold in a pile, and referee Jason Herzog immediately steps in to rescue the unconscious Minnesotan. Blagoi Ivanov is the winner via impressive technical submission at 2:35 of round two.

Round 1
The heavyweights exchange feeler jabs. Hayes goes low with his, and Grove goes in for a low kick. Hayes fires back with one of his own. Hayes throws another leg kick. Grove throws a nother low kick followed with a right straight. Both fighters are content to stand and trade leg kicks. Grove is the much bigger fighter, as Hayes was the smallest quarterfinalists at 228 pounds. The crowd is starting to get frustrated with the lack of action. They tie up and Hayes trips Grove to get a brief takedown, but Grove quickly makes back to his feet. They exchange then break. Hayes spends the rest of the round jumping in and out with quick punches.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Hayes
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Hayes
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Hayes

Round 2
Hayes darts in and out, lands a leg kick and reaches for a straight right. Grove calmly backs away. Grove goes for a spinning back kick that hits nothing but air. Hayes answers with a body kick that reddens Grove's side. Hayes' movement and quickness is getting the best of Grove. Every time Grove goes in to strike, Hayes backs out too quickly. Grove finally backs Hayes up near the cage and throws a quick combination, but Hayes circles out of danger. They go back to the center, and the dance continues. Hayes is scoring with leg kicks and quick punches to the body. Grove can't land anything solid. He finally catches a Hayes kick, but can't get it on the ground. Hayes backs out and lands a head kick that doesn't faze Grove. Grove catches another kick and nearly lands some vicious hooks, but Hayes escapes at the end of the round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Hayes
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Hayes
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Hayes

Round 3
The third starts with much of the same lazy pawing. Grove finally shows some life and starts swing haymakers like crazy. He secures the clinch and lands some nice, tight knees inside. Hayes looks like he's in trouble from the blows, but he somehow gets the takedown and lands in side control. Grove rolls over to his knees and Hayes takes his back. Hayes starts working some punches from underneath. Grove reverses and ends up in Hayes's full guard. Grove is finally starting to land some shots, but Hayes is active on the bottom, making him uncomfortable. Hayes sweeps the much bigger man, moving into side control. Hayes trying for an Americana, and nearly gets it, before Grove powers out. The round ends with Hayes on top, raining down body blows.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Hayes (30-27 Hayes)
Bobbie Clark scores the round 10-9 Hayes (30-27 Hayes)
Jesse Denis scores the round 10-9 Hayes (30-27 Hayes)

Official result: Judge Jordan Bass has it 29-28 for Mike Hayes, while judge Joe Ancona sees it 29-28 for Neil Grove. Judge Gabe Barahona sees it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Mike Hayes.

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