ace (anonymous) 3 years ago
he should be fired for spitting! period
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steph (anonymous) 3 years ago
I think his spitting on the other coach was extremely distasteful and just goes to show that Michael Bisbing has absolutey no class. We understand why Dan Henderson knocked him out with the followup punch. In my opinion, he deserved it and he also deserves to have last night's win taken from him.
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NemesisBC (anonymous) 3 years ago
Bisping claims he wasn't spitting at Rivera's coaches, rather he was spitting on the ground to show his dislike of them. Yeah, right.
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DaddyWarbuck (anonymous) 3 years ago
what an Dbag! That's so degrading! It would be great for the UFC to put Bisping up against vitor. Or even Sonnen hopefully when he get's is life straightend out. Someone just needs to KO him or give him a BEAT DOWN. Which both Vitor and Sonnen are capable of doing. Remember tho that Michael Bisping is pretty much the face of the UK him and Hardy. So they will just feed him another gimmie so they can keep the UK fans intereseted in this prick! Hopefully he never gets his title shot he isn't worth it and doesn't deserve to stand in the ring with A.Silva the G.O.A.T!!!
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4IT2X (anonymous) 3 years ago
"How degrading"?

What about all the degrading things said and done by Rivera towards Bisping before the fight? Seems you neglected to mention all that.
Fail, you.
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Ayyyy (anonymous) 3 years ago
Completely warranted.
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dddd (anonymous) 3 years ago
I dont think the spitting was needed. He beat Rivera and added a finish to his record.
Rivera hadn't got round 1 and was not winning by the time he got kneed. Bisping knew the knee was illegal.
Rivera crossed the line when it came to the trash talk. Id consider his trash talking worse compared to chael on anderson silva. he got way too personal and it ended up making bisping more focused.
Bisping was just too fast for Rivera. Rivera had to load up on his hooks and bisping took advantage with his speed and crisper striking. Rivera is a good fighter but should of paid more attention to training than making videos to piss bisping off.
If you look at Rivera's record, he loses to the top fighters at 185. He needs to work on his wrestling and ground game. Also He lost to lee murray who was also english.
Bisping is improving and has only two loses in the UFC. Both against former pride champions and mma legends. Hes beat many top guys too.
I give Rivera 1 more loss before hes cut.
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tiffany (anonymous) 3 years ago
Bisping is my man
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palang (anonymous) 3 years ago
feed this guy to sonnen!
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Proud Proud 3 years ago
Sonnen would indeed win the battle of the douchebags
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nixxx (anonymous) 3 years ago
bisping is an overrated fighter, who got a bone thrown at him with a half assed washed up rivera.bisping always looses to top competition and has skated by off of fighting lower tier competition for far too long
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Don (anonymous) 3 years ago
Vanderlai Silva would of finished Bisbing if there was a couple of more seconds in their fight! Bisping vs. the Spider? Or os the Spider going to fight GSP at the end of 2011?
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China1st (anonymous) 3 years ago
Rofl... To be perfectly honest Bisping spat in front of the corner. I don't understand why people hate Bisping. He good fighter, top 10 UFC middleweight.
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ghkkb (anonymous) 3 years ago
overrated fighter who is still on UFC because his fights sell
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reger (anonymous) 3 years ago
if you don't know why we hate bisping. then you don't know what 2 plus 2 is. because it's very obvious. you're ignoring everything he does. including this gif.
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39450398 (anonymous) 3 years ago
They keep him around since he is supposed to be the face of UK MMA. Can the dude.
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Jokdleh (anonymous) 3 years ago
Fighters such as Houston Alexander and Thales Leites have been fired for bad performances. This dude should be fired.
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anonymous (anonymous) 3 years ago
ha, i have no idea why so many people think bisping is so arrogant and immoral. too many human beings lacking perceptive abilities i guess
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Brandilyn (anonymous) 2 years ago
Kudos to you! I hadn't toguhht of that!
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River (anonymous) 2 years ago
Great thinking! That ralley breaks the mold!
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