• First Name: Georges
  • Last Name: St. Pierre
  • Nickname: Rush
  • Date of Birth: 05/19/1981
  • Height: 178.0 cm (70 in)
  • Weight: 77.0 kg (170 lb)
  • Reach: 193.0 cm (76 in)
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Hometown: Saint-Isidore, Quebec, Canada
  • Fighting Styles: Kyokushin Karate 3rd degree Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Gaidojutsu Black Belt, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai
  • Affiliations: Jackson's Submission Fighting, Grudge Training Center, Zahabi MMA, Tristar Gym
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Georges Rush St. Pierre

Fighter Attributes/Skills
Strike Defense
Submission Defense
Takedown Defense
Mental Game
Game Planning
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gspisno1 gspisno1 1 year ago
GSP is no.1!
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fromCanada (anonymous) 3 years ago
ahahaha GSP is the best ... keep crying about the BJ's fight ... but the fact is ... GSP won easy without cheating ... so please just shut up and die next to Bj Penn ... So GSP cant beat BJ ... but Edgar can do it 2 times without you guys crying about an excuse ! ahahah Georges ! tu es de loin le meilleur ! lâche pas ! tout le québec est avec toi , gagne ou perd , ... mais on aimerait bien que tu parle en francais plus souvent ... on dirait que tu te convertis !
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nogame (anonymous) 3 years ago
when shogun fought coleman and forrest he was coming off knee surgery, both times. shogun is probably the best in his division, even rampage said he's the last guy he would want to fight.
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system system 5 years ago
PAINTMAN200 This fighter demonstrates what physical conditioning is all about. One can't help being disappointed when witnessing a contestant out of gas late in the first round and getting hurt in the second because of poor conditioning. St. Pierre is always in top shape and should serve as a roll model for other fighters. He never lets the fans down with a poor performance.

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system system 5 years ago
I'm really impressed with GSP's game planning. It's so detailed and well thought. To paraphrase: BJ Penn's reactions are faster than almost everyone in the UFC. However, the brain is a muscle; after doing something, it must reset back to its original state. It takes BJ Penn a longer time to recuperate, and was an optimal time for GSP to strike after faking. GSP would use his weight against BJ while wrestling; not only making him exhausted but also letting blood pool into his torso and shoulders. This would make the tissue stiff, whereupon BJ's hand speed becomes useless. All that is more prudent than the usual "Ima goin and knockem out!!".
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