• First Name: Frank
  • Last Name: Mir
  • Nickname:no entry
  • Date of Birth: 05/24/1979
  • Height: 190.5 cm (75 in)
  • Weight: 118.0 kg (260 lb)
  • Reach: 200.7 cm (79 in)
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Fighting Styles: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Kenpo Karate Black Belt, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling
  • Affiliations: Team Sityodtong
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Frank Mir

Fighter Attributes/Skills
Strike Defense
Submission Defense
Takedown Defense
Mental Game
Game Planning
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Demetanne (anonymous) 2 years ago
I love Mir, he is my favorite plus he is HOT ahah, he gets better and better, overcoming the accident he had is pretty amazing, ppl that dotn like him actually took the time to come here and yap negative stuff about him? really? I mean REALLY?lol how much free time do those ppl have?!theres a few fighters I cant stand but would never go and say dumb stuff but I guess thats just me ANYWAYS...the only thing I want to see Mir do is to be more forward be more agressif, looks like he often wait too long he always want to see the oponent see what they gonna do and it put him in a bad spot,hes boxing has improved a lot, I loved the fight with Kongo especially after the stare down, they say Mir cocky...but anyway he showed him...and for gawdsakes I read so much comments on this rematch with Big Nog off youtube and other sites...ppl crying about the fact Nog got his arm broken, by putting comments like that they insult Big Nog more then anything cause the guy knew damn right to either tap or this would happen where the hell ppl think his arm was going? bounce back foward and get out of the submission?lol...Nog a tough dude and a pro especially in submission, so he knew what he was getting into, plus anyone should know when mir grab, u better tap or something will brake......and Mir was very classy when Rogan talked to him after the fight he said " I hope Nogueira is okay, this is part of the game, and this doesnt take anything away from him"...oh and one last thing...Ppl saying he was out, Herb Dean is the best ref if Mir was out he would of stop the fight, he saw Mir grabbing Nog leg and was moving.....that was a hell of a comeback. That gave him the submission of the century as per Dana White:):)....AMEN
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stacy (anonymous) 3 years ago
i love u.
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system system 4 years ago
Frank is best fighter submission for Lesnar !!!
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system system 4 years ago
Time for Mir to get the belt back.
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system system 4 years ago
ok first off it wasnt lesnars first mma fight you ignorant prick it was his first in the ufc. dont start talking especially when the facts are on this damn site. mir will catch lesnar again youll see mir is the heavyweight champ hands down
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system system 4 years ago
The fight between Lesnar and Mir, was Lesnars FIRST mma fight ever...and Mir caught him, luckily, in and ankle lock. You forget that Mir was getting his head smashed in before that. When Lesnar fought Cotoure, he manhandled him the entire fight, there was only one time that Cotoure almost had him on the ground and Cotoure takes down EVERYBODY!! THe improved Mir will be fighting and improved Lesnar, and in my book, the later of the two is FAR more intimidating. Mir's best chance against Lesnar is in a submission, but you have to get inside and get him on the ground first, and that would play right into Lesnars strength. Lesnar in the 3rd...by tko
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system system 4 years ago
Lesnar definitely has a strength and wrestling advantage. Lesnar's fight with Couture was 8 months before his next fight agains Mir. If you were Lesnar what would have you worked on for those 8 months? Submission defense of course. Mir knocked a weakened and sick Nogueira who had a staff infection and was hospitalized for a week just 15 days before the fight. Nogueira himself said that his condition definitely had an outcome on the fight. Even Cro Cop and Fedor couldn't knock out Nogueira, what makes you think that Mir could have pulled that off so easily? Lesnar by Donkey-Kong T-off in the 3rd.
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