• First Name: Brock
  • Last Name: Lesnar
  • Nickname:no entry
  • Date of Birth: 07/12/1977
  • Height: 191.0 cm (75 in)
  • Weight: 120.2 kg (265 lb)
  • Reach: 205.7 cm (81 in)
  • Location: Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Hometown: Webster, South Dakota, United States
  • Fighting Styles: Wrestling NCAA Div 1 Champion, 2 x All-American
  • Affiliations: DeathClutch
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Brock Lesnar

Fighter Attributes/Skills
Strike Defense
Submission Defense
Takedown Defense
Mental Game
Game Planning
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irish22 irish22 8 months ago
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Hellnaw (anonymous) 2 years ago
Brock Lesnar is a tank, sadly his armor had been hampered by a bulleting illness. Diverticulitis. I knew he would loose to Overeem cause Brock's liver has been heavily affected by the disease, and Overeem Kicked it.
Brock Lesnar can't be undefeated cause he lost 3 fights already, but he can be undisputed if he works on his skill and defense, I agree on that. Junior Dos Santos is a monster without a doubt, but he is not keeping the title forever, despite my prediction of Dos Santos retaining his title against Overeem.
Brock will come back, and eventually, if he recovers long enough, he will be unstoppable, not even Cain Velasquez, or Overeem, or Mir will be able to stop this man by then.
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Hades313 (anonymous) 2 years ago
I like watching Brock Lesnar fight. But I think he should work on his stand-up offence & defence and not focus on his wrestling as much. He's got his takedowns & ground game pretty much down from what i've seen, if he was that good at his stand-up too, he'd be one of the most successful fighters in the UFC in my opinion.
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Elias (anonymous) 3 years ago
Compared to other MMA fighters Lesnar has no skill. Before his illness he also had no class, but I must admit I was getting used to him, seeing as he was acting less douchey.

If he doesn't just count on his enormous size advantage, and actually gets some skills then he'll be unstoppable.
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Pravoslavlje (anonymous) 3 years ago
Fedor Emelianenko
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system system 4 years ago
Lesnar had alot to prove in the Mir fight. He came right out with an excellent ground game and I'm sure he surprised everyone, he had every right to be pissed off with the fans and with Frank Mir. I'd like to see Lesnar and Kongo though, would be fairly awesome
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system system 4 years ago
oh yeah if he started fighting sooner the ufc would not be succesful they would have been a joke of the MMA world and the fighting world in general. but now that theyre somewhat established as a legit organization they can take in a freak that has no respect for the sport or no respect for anything in general even his wife as we found out.
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system system 4 years ago
What the hell is this:
"Fighting Styles: Size, wrestling ability, athleticism"

Where can I learn the fighting style of "size"? :D:D

His fighting styles are Wrestilng, and if you wanna stretch it out, Boxing.
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system system 4 years ago
The way that brock improved from the first fight with frank was amazing, if you continue to smother people on the ground and deliver those kind of power shots, not even fedor can defend that. in order to summit somebody from the bottom you have got to have space and with his strength and ability he can just hold people down and destroy them. there is a reason frank didn't attempt a single submission in the second fight. lesnar is that good
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system system 4 years ago
To me what you said and how you acted after your fight. was a real master move and a big flower for reporter ( They like it !!! ) . The window of publicity you gave to UFC will have positive effect and your boss should thank you for that. The people likes drama scene like every other sport, music,movie star, art and even business wold.....I can wait to see your next fight.....Al from Montreal
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